According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a garage is a shelter or a repair shop for automotive  vehicles. That, however, is not all many of our home garages are used for, and they tend to become quite cluttered. That is okay, though, because Spring cleaning time is upon us and for many that means tackling the big cleanup jobs that go beyond normal everyday tidying of the home. Jobs like cleaning out the garage in that special custom home you have. And custom homes deserve a custom cleaning job for organizing the garage this Spring. Because the garage deserves such special attention, here are five tips for getting the job done with ease and satisfaction.

Sort Your Things

Methods for sorting vary, but all methods lead to the same result – an excellent start at organization. One method might be to sort things into bins with things like tools in one and other miscellaneous items in another. Also, it is helpful to have a “give away” bin for things that are not used often or that are not wanted at all. This reduces the amount of clutter in the garage.

Get it Off the Floor

Once things are off the floor, the floor can be scrubbed clean, if desired, and the space will feel bigger. As an added benefit of sorting, things are already just waiting to be hung on a hook somewhere, placed on a table, or put on a shelf. Plus, the sorting probably helped find the tools that are used for hanging the nails to be used as hooks.

5 Tips For Organizing Your Garage This Spring

Storage Containers

Storage containers are great for keeping things organized, but the key is being careful what kind of containers are used. Cardboard boxes, for instance, are not good storage containers.They tend to collect dampness that facilitates the growth of mold and other such allergens that can wreak havoc on the health of a home’s occupants. Instead, think about plastic totes or tool boxes with drawers. Even file cabinets can be used for storage.

Use Labels

Labels do wonders for organization and cleanliness. They make it easy to know exactly where something goes after it has been used and they make it easy for things to be found so that they get used in the first place. Be sure to use the removable labels, though, so that a new container does not have to be used each time something new is stored in it.

Create a Workstation

A garage workstation is the perfect place to do those projects that would otherwise clutter up the house or make too much of a mess elsewhere. It is quite easy to create one, too, depending on the type of work being done. For instance, someone that likes to build things or work on fixing things might put a table up against a wall. Underneath where the tools most often used for the job are hung is an excellent place to put the table. Drawers in the table or cabinets elsewhere might also be handy for storing tools.

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