5 Tricks to Hosting a Great Oscar Night PartyIt’s that time of year again. The red carpets are out, and we are anxiously awaiting to see what gowns and trends we will love or hate. But even more than that, it’s time for you to host your Oscar night party. It’s the perfect opportunity to dress up and have a ball, but getting everything ready for the big day can be a challenge. From decorations to food and drink, it takes a good deal of work to throw a successful Oscar party.

As you make your last minute preparations for this year’s viewing party, here are 5 tricks to help you ensure a great time for your guests.

1. Setup and prepare. The earlier you get everything set up and prepared, the easier it will be when  Oscar night arrives. Make sure you have the TV set and even think about recording the show to cover all of your bases. Call your local tv provider (i.e. in Colorado, you might have a local Aurora Directv  representative that can help you find local coverage of the red carpet) and see if there are any specials available that might help to enhance the showing before and after the Oscars.

2. Plan entertainment. Having the Oscar theme makes for a great opportunity to plan games and to make Oscar night more entertaining than just watching the show. If you know the order of the awards, or have the nominee lists handy, you can center the games around the Oscars, or even use the Oscars to plan other games as well.

3. Decorate. Decorating with Oscar statues, having red carpets running throughout the house, and adding bling to the food tables are just several ways that you can make your party a hit. Whether you make your own decorations or buy them, make the night a memorable one with a few added touches throughout the house. The earlier you plan, the more you can do to make your guests feel like stars.

4. Know the lists. Have lists of all the awards and nominees available for your guests. It will allow you to plan the decorations and games better. Additionally, it will be a fun way to get everyone involved and interacting throughout the show. Everyone always wants to know who made the nominees list; it keeps the guessing game down.

5. Dress up and have fun. When all the preparations and setting up is done, all that is left to do is dress up and have fun. Make sure your guests all know to dress up and make it a classy night. Enjoy the show!

When all is said and done, this is a great theme party to have on Oscar night, or any night of the year. You don’t have to have the Oscars on to have a good time. You can plan fun games and activities to make an entertaining night for your friends and family. All it takes is the right preparations, decorations and a good TV. You’ll have everything you need for a great night at the Oscars.


Image Source: globalnews.ca