Air conditioning is one of those modern day technologies which can make an enormous difference in the way how we relax in the house, an office or a general working space. A stay in a hot and poorly aerated area will be a distress to anyone, and an air conditioner will surely come in handy to provide the required relief. However, did you know that your AC unit gets strained if certain rules and maintenance practices are not followed?
Let’s jump straight to the ways through which you can reduce these strains on your AC system.

Regular Maintenance

An air conditioner will require regular maintenance on several parts such as filters, fans and coils for efficient operation. The air filter is perhaps one of the most overlooked parts when it comes to maintenance despite playing a critical role in the proper functioning of an air conditioner. It is necessary to frequently clean or replace the filter when faulty since a lack of maintenance can cause significant strains to the entire AC unit.
Always remember to follow the system manufacturer’s guide or seek professional consultancy services when performing these tasks.
Regular inspection should also be carried out on the system’s evaporator and coils. This should correspond with the filter cleaning since it directly impacts them. A brush or an all-natural cleaner can be used for this routine before allowing them to air-dry.

Program System Thermostat

This is a function meant to control the temperature and regulates the temperature of a room or space to the required level. During the day, or when it is quite warm, you can program the thermostat to a higher temperature and inversely lower temperatures once it gets cooler in the evenings and nights. You can also shut off the window units which use unecessary energy when the environmental conditions are not severe.
This practice will help check on your power bills as well as reduce unnecessary strain on your AC unit.

Turn Off the AC When Not at Home

Yes, this one is that simple. It is a common belief among many people that running the air conditioner while they are away from home helps keep the house cool for when they come back. This might not be as beneficial as once thought and you might be straining your AC unit which in turn causes premature wear and tear.
The system, like any other machine, needs a break, and while this may lead to a slight rise in your house temperature, the cost of replacements and repairs may far outweigh the temperature effects.

Routine Annual Tune-up

This should be a routine practice scheduled for every year that helps clear your cooling system of common problems. Seek the service from a reliable and qualified contractor who will conduct a thorough check on all the unit’s parts including testing the internal mechanisms. For Orlando residents I highly recommend turning towards a local service such as Facemyer Air Conditioning and Heating.
For those outside the Orlando area I recommend consulting your local Yellow Pages directory. They will also replace all the worn out parts before they can cause havoc to your system. This will help to keep your AC in great shape and ultimately increase its efficiency and durability.

Ensure that the system do not have airflow leaks

This is a common problem with most AC units where airflow in the system ducts experiences leaks thereby forcing it to overwork during the cooling process. This increases the strain on the system that leads to accelerated wear and tear and may eventually reduce its lifespan or cause a sudden breakdown. Make sure there is free and clean air circulation at your home that helps to keep the pipes clean and free from blockages.
Other additional tips – Avoid exposing your AC unit to natural elements such as sunlight. Strive to keep it cool by planting trees or creating a shelter to help block the sun from heating it which also leads to a system overwork. Keep the AC away from dust and dirt or anything that can cause clogging of the aluminum fins. Trim the trees and clear all the debris that might be attached to it.
Overtaxing your AC unit will lead to premature wear and tear which leads to regular breakdowns. This may be due to the strains experienced by the system, which can easily be prevented through simple ways as outlined above. By understanding these essential tips you will go a long way towards increasing the lifespan of your unit. Start today to get the best out of your air conditioner.
Edrick Hypolite is a home improvement enthusiest who strives to keep his home in working order through any means necessary. In his free time he likes to write about related topics to help out those with similar interests. If you wish to learn more about Edrick you can find out by visiting Google+.