You’ve heard it a thousand times but it’s true, the paint is cheaper and faster to change the look of a room way in just hours. If you can you can use paint left over from another project even better since there’ll spend money buying new paint and if you is not enough for the entire room you can simply paint just one wall as a focal point.

Select a Style  

Choose what style you want to give your home and do not depart from this idea. You will see how much easier all the decorative process. Do not waste time guessing you buy cushions or accessories because they know exactly what your decorative plan. If you do not want to tie your ideas to choose one style one color scheme to plan environments.


Move the furniture around. This is one of the secrets of the designers to renew environments without spending money. Locating differently furniture will give your room’s new life. You can also share different room furniture. Test without fear! You do not lose anything, just be aware that some furniture can be heavy and need help to move them.

Use what you have  

You probably have many objects and small furniture around your house that you can use to decorate. Learn to look at things in a creative way and see how you find decorative objects in simple things like biscuit tins to which you can paint with spray paint to match your decor. The same if you have no such candlesticks combine a touch of paint will give them new life.

Start Big

When you’re planning to redecorate your home remember to always start with the larger areas such as walls, windows and floors as these are what create the greatest visual impact. If you pay attention to these surfaces you handle that are in the fourth conditions will not need much decoration to look good, and anything that is put styling.


When you are decorating a room or your whole home and not want or can spend money to replace what you already have one you will have to hide it. If you put him a bag sofa or use an area rug to cover a floor or mistreated or stained carpet and curtain fabric to hide a view that is not pretty or an electrical box in the wall. A library can cover a door that is not used.