Before we look into features of Joomla Hosting it is pertinent to first grasp exactly what the term “Joomla Hosting” denotes. More info on cloud hosting can be found here: Joomla Hosting  Reviews.

Along with numerous other hosting plans, many companies offer specific plans to cater to Joomla exclusively. To learn more about Joomla hosting and a few tips on how to choose a Joomla host, please visit Joomla Hosting  Reviews. Here we will look at six different types of popular Joomla hosting plans from which you may choose, depending upon your requirements:-

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server is a popular Joomla hosting plan, offering you a great degree of customization and control, coupled with high speed & security. Though quite expensive, dedicated server hosting is ideal for clients seeking greater control over all their sites on the server. Moreover, this type of hosting requires technical expertise, and is more suitable for a high-volume site requiring greater security.

6 Popular Types of Joomla Hosting Explained

Shared Hosting

One of the most common types of Joomla hosting plans, shared hosting is where your website is placed on a server along with many other websites. In short, the server space is shared with other sites, thus lowering your overall cost. Slow speed – as a result of unexpected traffic increases – however, may be a downside to shared hosting plans, delivering less than optimal performance at times.

Business Class Hosting

Slightly higher-priced than shared hosting, business class hosting offers greater reliability and performance than the former, usually employing better-quality hardware for optimal performance. Business class hosting is an ideal option for websites using Joomla to generate income on a regular basis, e.g. an e-commerce website.

VPS Hosting

In VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, your site is placed on a server shared by a few other sites; however, you are allowed to configure your server software, resulting in increased control, greater security and improved load time of your site. Though the server is shared with other users, you still have the control you enjoy with a dedicated server.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting for Joomla is being provided by only a few web hosts out there. The growing popularity of cloud, owing to its numerous benefits and practicality is persuading website owners and businesses opting for cloud hosting. In cloud hosting, there are a number of connected servers to host your site, offering greater reliability to clients. The biggest benefit of using cloud hosting for Joomla is the support of multiple servers at a time, because if one server fails, another server is there to share the load and keep your website up and running at all times.

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Budget Hosting

Budget hosting, as the name suggests, is designed for individuals or businesses seeking to host their websites on a tight budget. In other words, budget hosting is equivalent to cheap hosting, and may even be free at times, or as low as $5 per month. Budget hosting is ideal for websites with limited needs and requirements, and gets your site running immediately at a minimal amount. The downside, however, is unreliability in terms of service, slow speed, and lack of sufficient technical support for clients. Budget Joomla hosting is not difficult to find, as it’s offered by many hosts out there.