One of the greatest inventions to grace the modern home has to be the vacuum the cleaner. Whilst we’ve come a long way from the bulky, heavy vacuum cleaners of yesteryear, their amazing capabilities remain ever-present in making our spaces clean, tidy, and healthy.
Whether yours is a trusty old banger, or one of the new ones fetching over £200, we know, love, and rely on our vacuums more than we like to think. Having guests over, hosting a house viewing, or simply doing a bit of spring cleaning always means fetching the vacuum to do the job – and to do the job properly.
And it’s amazing to see how far we’re pushing the boundaries when it comes to vacuum technology. Take a look at your local high-street today, and you’ll find all kinds of vacuum cleaners that use smart technology to keep your home looking spanking new. Lighter, cordless, and energy-efficient will soon be the norm when it comes to domestic upkeep.
But whilst vacuum cleaners are great, and all – when they get dirty you’ll end up making more of a mess than you had in the beginning. And, alas, though we have amazing technology at our fingertips, it’s important we nail the basics in keeping them clean so we can enjoy more of their benefits.
In this infographic, Battery Shop Sussex share 6 tips for maintaining your vacuum cleaner.
Replace the bag regularly
This is undoubtedly the most obvious tip for maintaining your vacuum and ultimately getting the most for your money. The crucial thing to keep in mind is it’s important to empty our bags when they’re around 2/3 full, not when it’s completely packed. We’ve all been there – we know our bags are full but we’re always determined to do ‘one more clean’. So, rather than have your face covered in your carpet’s belongings, check and replace the bag regularly!
Attach the bag!
And for your vacuum cleaner to actually work properly in the first place, we need to make sure the bag is actually attached properly. Different models will have different mechanisms, bolts, and switches – and they’re really not a one-bag-fits-all!
Empty bagless models often
Bagless models may be brilliant for keeping your vacuum cleaner lighter, ergonomic, and better for the smaller places – but it’s important to empty them often, and ideally more often than those with bags. Bagless vacuum cleaners, however, have one big crux that aren’t included in product listings: the absence of bags mean dirt ultimately becomes more susceptible to being trapped within the unit itself. You’re able to tackle this by emptying the vacuum cleaner, ideally, after each use.
Brush roll cleaning
As you know, the marvel behind the vacuum cleaner’s efficiency is the brush roll. These are the small rolls that often have spiralling fibres attached to them, helping them flick up the more stubborn flakes of dirt.
Check the belt
And, after checking the brush roll, it makes sense to inspect the vacuum’s belt. Behind every great vacuum’s brush roll is the belt that keeps things ticking in an orderly fashion. And, just like your car, if the belt goes then you won’t be going anywhere.
Check the Filters & Hoses
Last, and by no means least! Checking the filters and hoses is a must for your vacuum. Many of those newer vacuum cleaners will definitely be equipped with a filter – these help to trap unwanted particles that reduce the quality of indoor air. Check and replace your filter when appropriate to keep your vacuum at its best.
Now that you’ve gone through our vacuum maintenance audit, you’ll be well on your way to owning a vacuum that does more than clean!