A perfect dress whether formal or a party is incomplete without perfectly matching heels. Imagine wearing boot with saree or slippers with jeans. You must have the all the required heels in your shoe rack to ensure that you are always ready with the prefect footwear no matter whatever the occasion is and whatever the outfit you wear.

You must buy the heels that are comfortable as well as fashionable. You can explore a wide range of footwear online as well. The online stores also provide a size chart to let you know your proper size. Moreover, to get rid of the chances of any regrets they offer no condition return facility within a certain time limit. Apart from all these facilities they provide attractive discount offers. You can avail Limeroad coupons to save money. Here are given 6 types of heels you must keep in your shoe rack:-

  1. Wedge Heels
    Almost all the surface area of wedge heels touches the floor completely. They are the most comfortable as they don’t need to be balanced much. They reduce foot and ankle problems since they offer much arch support.
    6 Types Of Heels You Must Keep In Your Shoe Rack
  2. Kitten Heels
    Kitten heels are the most common heel types. They have small heel and therefore, they are easy to carry off while being comfortable. These features make it perfect for women of any age as they are the most comfortable for aged women simultaneously they make a teenage girl look chic. They also go well with all types of dresses.
    6 Types Of Heels You Must Keep In Your Shoe Rack
  3. High Heeled Boot
    High heeled boots immediately strike the cowboy look in mind. But they are perfect for get together with friends, family or a casual meeting. They are stylish and comfortable as well.
    6 Types Of Heels You Must Keep In Your Shoe Rack
  4. Evening Sandals
    Evening sandals are great for wedding or other celebrations. As the name suggests these sandals are the must have for parties in evening. They go well with casual dresses as well as they are available in moderate and high heels both.
    6 Types Of Heels You Must Keep In Your Shoe Rack
  5. Pump Shoes
    Pump shoes are like a ‘Little Black Dress’ in your cupboard means a must have. Whether you like peep toe or a platform you need them for sure. These are available in high heels as well.
    6 Types Of Heels You Must Keep In Your Shoe Rack
  6. Stilettos
    Stilettos are known to have high heels as much as 8 inches. They need to balance much while walking as the heels are thin. However, they add to your beauty in parties and wedding ceremonies. They have padded insoles to cushion the balls of the feet with leather uppers. The high quality Stilettos ensure your comfort but you must practice well before wearing them in a party.
    6 Types Of Heels You Must Keep In Your Shoe Rack

Availability of all these types of heels online reduces the efforts you have to put in moving from one physical store to another. Somewhere you don’t like the design or your size of the design you like is not available. Availing Shopclues coupons will help you to save money as well while buying footwear online. Ensure buying and keeping all these types of heels in your shoe rack as one type of footwear does not go well with all kinds of dresses and occasions.