Marble floors are completely stunning and remind many of the Greek and Roman statues, baths and beauty that came centuries before us. Marble can be used for both interior and exterior decoration in home and is popular for fireplaces, countertops bathrooms and (in recent years) floors.
Marble is a sturdy piece of rock that will last a long time. It makes wonderful flooring and looks completely stunning in homes that are looking to incorporate that eclectic feel. Marble is also expensive, so when you are choosing to put it in your home there are many precautions you may want to take to ensure that it lasts as long as it possibly can.

Tip #1:  Ensure you vacuum your floor often to remove any build up of grit and dirt

A buildup of dirt and grit on marble floors can end up scratching the floors if the dirt and grit are in high contact areas. By eliminating this with a quick broom up each night you are preserving the longevity of your floors for years, if not decades, to come.

Tip #2:  As soon as a spill occurs wipe it up immediately

Spills, depending on what they are, can completely wreck your floor and eat away at the sealant if left too long. Marble has similar properties to limestone and therefore can stain or scratch if not treated correctly. By cleaning up any spills quickly, or as soon as they occur, you will make sure that your floor lasts as long as it possibly can.

Tip #3:  Avoid the acids

While you obviously want to avoid all spills on your marble floors, acidic ones can be completely detrimental to the marble floors in your household; this includes acidic items such as orange juice or tomato juice. Etching occurs on marble flooring when acid reacts with the flooring. The marble begins to appear dull and the shine begins to fade.
Avoiding all spills is important, but acids are the worst; the easiest way to ensure your flooring stays shiny and new is to make sure you clean up any spills right away.

Tip #4:  Use only pH neutral cleaning products

If a pH cleaning product is used that is non-neutral it can also cause etching on the marble floors. Marble floors are extremely finicky when it comes to pH, so this is something that owners of marble floors should be very careful with. Marble is very delicate and unforgiving when it comes to mistreatment, so ensuring you take a look at your cleaning products before using them is something that is very important to the lifespan of your marble.

Tip #5:  If you are mopping the floor, be sure to dry it before allowing people to walk on it

Cleaning your marble floors on a regular basis is extremely important, but making sure they have time to dry before individuals step on or use your floors is just as important. Give your floors ample time to dry before you have people over or allow individuals to step on them, and ensure you are drying your floors thoroughly. This will most definitely increase the lifespan of the floors and prevent scratching.

Top #6:  Re-apply the sealant to the marble every six months

Marble floors require sealant on them to keep them looking shiny and new. If you are following all of the other tips provided in this article your floors will not have any scratches or etches on them, and to ensure they are staying pristine you should consider re-applying the marble floor sealant every six months. This will ensure there is no way any of the elements or foot traffic can do any damage to your floors.

Tip #7:  Utilize runners in your home with high traffic areas

This is a tip that many overlook and one that is simple, inexpensive and still looks completely elegant in your home. Utilizing runners down the main areas or high traffic areas of your home will ensure that no one’s footwear accidentally has a rock in it that scratches the marble. The elegance of runners will keep your marble for years and save you money in the long run on cleaning, sealant and replacement of flooring.
This article was written by Jenny Sawyer, provides tips on how to best clean a marble floor with items you would have around your home.