Information at the click of a mouse is what we have got accustomed to. While this has made an universe of knowledge available to us, it has also distanced us from those paperbacks and leather-bounds we so loved at one point of time.

Nothing explains and interacts with you, quite like a book. And when it comes to the most important aspects of life, a good book is the best teacher you can have. It will guide you, inspire you, and keep you on track.

Think about it, finances is one such domain where most of us struggle quite a bit. What if you knew those gems of books that would help you improve your financial health and give you the best practices that the rich and famous adhere religiously to. In this post, we give you eight such books that will transform your financial life and enable you to make much smarter financial choices.

1.  Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill has a knack of understanding the workings of the human mind like few others. In Think and Grow Rich, Hill reveals the secrets of 500 exceptionally wealthy people, how they accumulated their wealth, their greatest strengths and their approach towards life.

He breaks down these secrets and arranges them in a way that allows every reader to grasp them and implement them in their lives to maximize their potential and wealth. Hill gives the readers 13 principles of successful living that are as relevant and useful today as they were back then. Read this book to review and revamp your life and finances. Trust us when we say if you apply the knowledge you have garnered in this book, there is no stopping you from living a richer and more fulfilled life.

2.  Linchpin by Seth Godin

If a successful career is your first priority, Linchpin should definitely make it to your personal book collection. This book takes you through the maze of corporate life and career, and empowers you to be that asset for your company who is absolutely irreplaceable. When you manage to achieve this, your growth trajectory takes on a different turn all together, professionally and financially. If you think it is easy to become indispensable, think again.

How often are most of us tired, bored or simply not interested in doing anything above and beyond our job? This book will tell you the importance of contributing in a special way to a task or a company that no one else can, and reaping consequent benefits of the same. It’s that book you need, to shake up your brain, get out of the rut, think adventurously, differently, contribute meaningfully, and become a distinguished and highly valued member of any organization.

3.  Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T.Kiyosaki

Chances are you know of this book already. But have you read it cover-to-cover? This book is a Bible on financial wisdom, is incredibly informative, and will make you understand assets and liabilities like no other. As you read this book, it’s a journey you undertake to put the money back in your pocket, and multiply it through smart investment and earning decisions.Understand the principles of Economics and master the art of getting rich with this masterpiece on your shelf.

4.  Women and Money by Suze Orman

We have broken every possible glass ceiling in the corporate world, and we sure understand our finances and handle them well. Women are as much part of the corporate and business revolution story as men, and are earning as much as their male counterparts. However, this has also given rise to a unique set of financial challenges that women need to face. Orman’s ‘Women and Money’ is a book that will enable and empower women to take tough financial decisions correctly, help them face financial dilemmas and tell you how you can tackle your money to become financially strong.

5.  The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

The Total Money Makeover is a book that explores the length and breadth of all aspects of finance. Read it with a little patience to understand all that it says and make wise and informed financial decisions. It gives you guidelines on the right strategies for saving and making a fund, the fundamentals of investing, paying off debts, recovering from a mortgage, and dealing with unexpected financial emergencies. A holistic book, it gives you practical ideas and tips to achieve your financial goals, and stay financially sound at all times. Don’t be surprised, after reading this book, you too will realize, perennial financial well-being is very achievable.

6.  The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason

One of the most talked about books of our time, ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’ is definitely one of the most inspirational and educative books on financial principles. However, it goes much beyond just being a financial doctrine. It will play a larger role in life and like a true friend, guide you to deal with life’s ups and downs better.

The book commences on a note where two men realize that while they have barely managed to make ends meet, one of their childhood friends has gone on to become the wealthiest man in Babylon. He begun from scratch and reached the pinnacles of success and wealth. Drawing from this story and the ancient Babylonian principles that have stood the test of time, this book tells you step-by-step how to build wealth, plan ahead to fulfill dreams and contingencies, make smart investments and view money as a means rather than the absolute goal. To achieve financial security and become a wealthy man read the ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’.

7.  Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by T. Harv Eker

Your attitude and mindset is just as important in becoming a millionaire as your financial acumen and education. T. Harv Eker helps you in cultivating the mind of a millionaire, and gives you excellent strategies and plans to have an impressive financial blue print. This book will transform your beliefs regarding yourself, money and your innate ability to generate big bucks. What you believe, you can achieve, pretty much sums up this book. Grab it to feel both challenged, and empowered, to create a financial success story of your own.

8.  7 Money Rules for Life by Mary Hunt

Being rich is not just about earning lots of money, it also involves the art of budgeting and investing right. Mary Hunt is that old-school money adviser who will remind you that saving money and protecting money is just as important as earning. She infuses the book with effective and concrete truths about financing, investing, retirement preparation and future planning. Every time you are planning to take those uncalculated risks that could literally break your bank, take a moment, and read ‘Money Rules’. You may just end up saving a large chunk of your hard earned money.

To conclude

These books will be one of the best investments that you make. Buy them after comparing prices on reliable price comparison websites like Idealo. Study these gems, open your minds, apply the knowledge gained, and establish a strong financial foundation. On a parting note, always do something that you love, the money will automatically flow.

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