Since the new age of smart phones, different companies have invested in the industry creating exceptional gadgets. HTC Desire 601 is one of the gadgets that have hit the market with a new amazing phone. Developed by HTC, they developed the phone by learning mistakes done from prior phones. One of the main changes they were able to incorporate in the phone is changing some of the costly things on their prior phones. The HTC Desire 601 can be considered as a within budget smart phone with amazing capabilities.

A Review Of The HTC Desire 601


The new HTC phone model, HTC Desire 601, has been equipped with a 1.4 GHz dual core processor which is a little bit lower than the prior phones in the same family. This however is one of the reasons as to why this phone is highly affordable. It has an 8 GB internal storage capacity with 1 GB RAM. Operating under Android 4.2, it has a 5.0 megapixel camera. The best way to purchase this phone is by the use of Flipkart coupons.


One of the amazing things about the phone is its appearance and shape. The HTC desire 601 has a slick, comfortable plastic-rubberized casing that makes it light and comfortable to hold. One of the main things that remained the same as the prior phones is the 4.5 inch screen. It has great pixel clarity of a quarter HD display. Though this is still lower compared to the prior phones the display will still leave you amazed.


The phone is highly affordable. In India the phone goes for around 20,000 Rs. In order to reduce this price one can opt to use Shopclues coupons in order to get a lower price. There are several ways in which one can be able to get the phone, either from online stores or phone vendor shops. HTC developed the phone in order to make it easily affordable to each and every person compared to the latter HTC phones which were highly expensive.


HTC desire 601 supports a microsim and weighs around only 350 grams. It has a proximity, ambient light and accelerometer sensor to enhance performance. The talk time battery life for the phone is around 13 hours while the standby time can go up to 440 hours. Just like most of the other HTC phones it uses Bluetooth 4.0 and has wireless connectivity. These are just some of the main specifications of the phone among many others.

If one is looking for an affordable HTC phone, HTC desire 601 is actually a great choice. Though it has lower capability than the prior HTC phones, it still has a high performance. Furthermore, the set price is still highly cheap compared to the capabilities of the phone. Most of the users have not complained about the phone functioning. In fact most of them comment positively about the phone. For an android phone, HTC desire 601 has been able to stand out from the rest of its competitors of the same category.