In revamping my home I faced a serious styling dilemma. I have always believed that your home should reflect your tastes and personality but I am also acutely aware that I receive visitors and will one day need to sell the property and therein lies the big problem. My tastes could be considered a little left field when it comes to interior décor and left field doesn’t sell houses in my neighbourhood!

Pretty in Pink

I am inexorably drawn to anything pink and all things sparkly but a bedroom which looks like Barbie’s boudoir and a candy striped kitchen would probably offend most of my friends and see potential buyers running rapidly for the hills! So how could I make my interiors appealing to the masses but still distinctly mine?

Blank Canvas

Conventional wisdom on interior decor screamed neutral, neutral, neutral! The inner me, however, was shouting be bold, be loud and don’t forget the glitter ball! Clearly a compromise was in order! My revamp began with the toilet. This may seem like a strange place to start but it was clearly the most offensive room in the house boasting ugly 80’s green sanitary ware and hideous flooring.
My brilliantly evolved solution was a white suite, white walls and feature mosaic tiles including some gorgeous glittery silver numbers! I tiled the floor with black quartz which naturally featured a little sparkle. Oh and I almost forgot, a tiny weeny glitter ball!

A Touch Of Sparkle In The Home

Adding the Bling

The neutral walls and rustic oak furniture in my bedroom were accented (blinged up) by the addition of some rather swanky bed linen with sequins (not all over!) and a striking framed print in bold autumn colours.
The living room now boasts neutral creamy walls, inoffensive leather and oak furnishings and oak flooring. Naturally I was bored with the neutrality of it all within minutes and spruced things up a bit (more bling) with an arrangement of sparkling gold leaves and twigs, some shiney copper cushions and a rather striking piece of metallic wall art. I love that sculpture! Just a little bit of Bling
I am now in the middle of installing a new kitchen. Much as I would have loved a candy pink 50’s  diner, I do believe that this might have been a mistake! I am sure my gorgeous ivory cabinets, charcoal flooring and off white walls will be a success but the bling had to be in and so I have order unbelievably expensive quartz worktops complete with silver sparkle.
I am incredibly happy with the results of my labours. I have achieved the much sought after neutrality that will enhance the appeal of my home but with touches of satisfying sparkle that lift the space, make me smile and which can easily be removed and replaced by something more sober if required. I am now turning my attention to the home office which I know should be a calming space in which to work but probably won’t end up being anything of the sort!
Sally Stacey is a writer and small business owner who is curently revamping her entire home.