There is so much more to an interior door than just being an entry way into a room. It can add style, personality, value to your home and if carefully selected, added safety in terms of being fire proof. You will want to avoid a door that will jar with the style of your house; you should always ensure that the door, whether the building is modern or period, should always compliment the décor.
For those who are starting to build a new home, or looking to simply redecorate and liven up their home, below are a few suggestions to look for when choosing an interior door.


As mentioned previously, the style is an important aspect when selecting an interior door. It needs to add character to a room as well as matching the room’s décor. For older-style property, you should ensure to pick a door that matches the building’s time period. Ledged and braced doors are ideal for period properties, especially cottages and country homes.
They are made of planks of wood that are held together by horizontal ledges and diagonal braces.   Panel doors are a very popular door style, with high-street DIY stores stocking a wide selection of doors with different patterns and variations. The advantage of panel doors is that they can be matched with existing interior doors and door features.
Moulded doors match panel doors, but can cost considerably less. They are made from numerous materials such as wood, plastic and fibreboard with a honeycomb corrugated cardboard centre, which makes them light and provides a strong internal fitting. For home short on space, folding or sliding doors are perfect.
A folding door can be stacked back onto itself and placed to one side while sliding doors can either be designed to slide onto the side of a wall, or disappear into a wall cavity.

Security and safety

Protecting your family is of the utmost importance and in modern buildings it is not uncommon to find fire-resistant doors fitted throughout to reduce the risk of fire spreading. Fire-resistant doors can come in flush or moulded and have a dense centre, which means they carry extra weight while requiring stronger door frames. While one of the advantages to these doors is in the name (fire-resistant), the thickness of the doors means that they dampen sound transfer.

“Door accessories”

To add some further style to your new door, you might want to consider the finer details such as door handles. There is a range of classic styles of door handles, especially frames with clean lines that will give it a minimalist look.
To give your home a more contemporary look, you should think about installing glazed doors to allow more light into adjoining rooms. While changing doors can make a dramatic difference to your home, it can be tricky to find one that fits the style of your home exactly. Instead of purchasing new ones, jazz up pre-existing doors with new paint or, as mentioned previously, new door handles.
If in doubt about installing fire doors, in terms of security and fitting, you should contact a professional door manufacturer who can provide guidance when it comes to fitting and purchasing fire doors.
By Harry Price
Harry Price lives by the sea with his 3 dogs.  He finds his costal surroundings really inspire his creative mind.