All I really want is money in my wallet, cash in my hand and skrilla in my wallet! That is pretty much what most of us are singing for a significantly huge part of our lives. Most of us would have not understood the value of money until we took it upon ourselves to make some. Till then, it was mum and dad doing all the hard work while you sat down with your expensive video games or walked out in your shiny shoes and the latest cars. Money has been of incredibly value since the beginning of time; well, in one form or the other. Money means you can get possibly all kinds of materialistic things. It can take you on adventures; give you experiences or simply the power. People have realized its importance, which is why the race to obtain the highest salary is getting more and fiercer. It is now an established fact that money really can’t buy you happiness or make you achieve everything but it sure can add layers of luxury and comfort into your life, which is not so bad!

All About The Money

Through the years, money has evolved in heaps. It started off with the barter system where people would exchange goods for items they require. Quite simply said, it is merchandise for merchandise. This merchandise can be of different types. The one most popular was commodity money where people used to exchange wheat, rice, grains etc for something else they preferred or required. They also gave away cattle in exchange of something else of value. But people were prudent of whether these cattle were capable for reproduction and for putting to use in their fields. There was always a risk of disease of death in this case. Nevertheless, it was still a preferred choice. The other type was the use of metal as barter. It would go through various tests for purity. It was a true mark of value. There were also objects made of different material that were used as a valuable exchange item. Knives, keys and metal items were sought after. Then, came the entry of ancient coins. They were coins made of brass, copper and other metal pieces that were made into coins of fixed weight and value. Silver and gold coins began circulating in Greece. This trend was followed for centuries together with different currencies, value and type.

In middle ages, the first bank notes were issues in Brazil. They started off as handwritten receipts which later became the same form that is used by everyone in the public. All countries have their central banks that are in charge of issuing these coins and notes. The change further occurred in the use of banks and how banks transformed from being physical to becoming available online. Everything can be done online. You have internet banking, online finance management software, personal accounting software etc. Online financial management software are brilliant ways  to manage your finances. After all, it is all about the money!