Around for almost 5000 years, almond in its essential oil form delivers a truly impressive array of benefits for hair, skin and overall good health.  Packed with monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, potassium, proteins, zinc, vitamins and minerals, the goodness of this seed oil is undisputed.  Let’s dwell on some of the uses and benefits that almond oil bestows.

Almond Oil: Uses and Benefits

1) Moisturizer

This lightweight oil with a mild texture is a perfect facial moisturiser for all skin types. The oil penetrates deeply into the skin making it smooth and supple. A light massage with a few drops of Hamdard Badam Rogan is known to alleviate irritation from itchy skin, psoriasis, and mild eczema.

2) Anti-aging

Enriched with vitamins E and K, almond oil makes the skin glow and delays wrinkling. Regular use helps keep cell membranes healthy, maintains elasticity and fights the ageing process. Moreover, the wonder oil is a natural UV blocker hence minimises the sun tan.

3) Hair Tonic

Want hair like Rapunzel? Start using almond oil. A therapeutic massage with the seed oil stimulates hair growth, tones the scalp, prevents hair loss, reduces split ends, thwarts early greying and makes the tresses lustrous.

4) Hands & Nails

When it comes protection of hands, nothing beats the trusted almond oil. Regular treatment with the wonder oil nourishes hands and prevents nails from chipping off or becoming brittle.

5) Makeup Remover

No more tugging and pulling with a chemical-laden make-up remover to wipe off stale cosmetics. Just rub a few drops of Hamdard Badam Rogan into the skin and then gently wipe away the residue with a moist washcloth. Voila, you have squeaky clean skin in a jiffy.

6) Strengthens Bones

Almond oil is laden with micronutrients such as calcium which reportedly improves bone mineral density and strengthen the skeletal system. Aromatherapy with almond oil eases stress and relaxes tense muscles.

7) Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

Since almond oil is rich in potassium content and has low sodium content, it plays a significant role in regulating blood pressure. It also averts cardiovascular problems by helping maintain low cholesterol levels.

8) Enhances Immunity

Almond oil enhances immunity and shields the body against lethal germs, viruses and diseases. It also helps to make the body stronger.

9) Miscellaneous

The pros of almond oil don’t just stop here. It is valued for diminishing stretch marks and is a natural lip balm. The oil is used for reducing scarring, dandruff and also helps in controlling hair frizz and acne. On the health front, it is said to be a topical painkiller, has anti-inflammatory effects, helps ward off fatigue and even slashes irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

So now you have the scoop about the amazing health and beauty benefits of almond oil. Just make it a part of your daily regimen and watch the oil work its magic.