Aluminium windows have become popular in the latter part of the 20th century. For many years, standard grade aluminium doors and windows were selected. They were only available in silver colour bordered by hardwood sub-frames, but prone to condensation.

With advanced technology, the situation has changed a lot. Aluminium windows with outstanding thermal properties have become available. The recent years has seen an increase in the use of aluminium doors and windows in new residential and commercial developments.

In modern architectural style, alumiiniumprofiilid provides desired slim lines that allow more view and light, which cannot be attained using PVC profile. The strength to weight proportion of this material is high, so it can be shaped in different forms easily.

Aluminium Windows - Advantages And Things To Consider

Benefits of Aluminium Windows

  • Improved thermal performance – High quality aluminium windows performance are able to fulfil energy efficiency standards. Advance in technology has achieved a good improvement in the heat gain and loss issues through aluminium windows.
  • Finishes – Finishing options are vast ensuring to obtain aluminium windows that can ideally match any décor. Powder coated and anodized treated windows with variety of colour options are used for exterior and interior applications.
  • Low maintenance and durability – With corrosion resistant properties aluminium offers low maintenance frame. It resists harsh weathering conditions, and does not crack, swell, warp or split overtime ensuring extended life span.
  • Affordability – This material is significantly less expensive in comparison to other framing options. At an affordable rate, it offers a strong door and window solution with excellent energy outcome.

Aluminium clad windows are of two types:

  1. The extruded aluminium
  2. The roll-formed aluminium

Aluminium windows have enhanced immensely, but it is wise to research and weigh them thoroughly like any other all-time investment.

Things to Consider for Successful End Result

  1. Windowpane is more energy efficient and therefore with more horizontal and vertical breaks energy efficiency decreases. So, to meet energy code, merge double or triple pane window instead of vertical and horizontal breaks.
  2. Aluminium framed triple pane windows have strong thermal bridge. Triple pane windows are tinted whereas double pane windows are clear in comparison, so it is reasonably suggested to install triple panes.
  3. About 1/16 inch gap must be left between the aluminium frame and interior wood liner to avoid the caulking to be cracked or discoloured due to temperature and humidity conditions.
  4. Check the interior and exterior alignments. Double check mullion breaks to make sure they are not noticeable like seated on the chair or standing by the sink.
  5. If you reside in places having the possibility of frequent rains then awning windows are the best choice.
  6. For operable push out windows with screens, make use of roto-style handle.
  7. Align the window bottom at the top interior base to maintain interior detailing. Moreover, it gives a modern aesthetic floor to window ceiling look.
  8. If the windows are big (over 40 to 50 square feet), installation of window frame glazing will have to be performed on site. It is appropriate for weight and manageability.

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