In the modern world, concrete is a part of everyday life, a part of our homes. Concrete can be found in use in the garden patios, driveways and basements of countless households and this is not surprising, since it is permanent, easily cleanable, relatively cheap and easy to maintain. However, there is one seemingly unpreventable flaw in concrete and that is its susceptibility to water damage through absorption. This becomes more and more of a worry as spring approaches and the snow melt promises plenty of water on a long term basis.

So what is the solution? Is there another material which is more effective than concrete? Well, in fact the solution is significantly simpler than that. Nanextechnologies new patented product AquaShield Concrete and Stone is at the forefront of superhydrophobic technology and is guaranteed to reduce water absorption and therefore the growth rate of mould and algae. The substance is designed to penetrate deep into the pores of concrete and stone and vastly increase the water resistance of the material. It is ideal for use on concreted areas which are likely to be exposed to excessive moisture or damp. If you are concerned about unsightly mould growth on your well cared for stone patio or driveway this is the solution to your problems!

AquaShield Concrete Surface Treatment

Nanex’s technology is also perfect for use within basements or on cement foundations and can even be used on aesthetic items such as garden ornaments.  As winter draws to a close and things become damper it will be vitally important to protect as much of your stone and concrete property as possible; the spring thaw is guaranteed to create vast and consistent amounts of moisture the effects of which will need to combated. Often after a long and snowy winter the amount of water which accumulates on concrete surfaces creates the perfect breeding ground for large amount s of algae to grow. However, surfaces treated with AquaShield Concrete and Stone show such huge differences in algae growth that it is clearly visible with the naked eye.

The growth of mould and algae on a surface is facilitated when a surface is highly absorbent. Dirt, water and grime are absorbed into the material which in turn creates a breeding ground for the bacteria that eventually grows into these unsightly things. AquaShield Concrete and Stone works in two ways, firstly it repels water off of the material simply by not allowing the liquid to be absorbed. The water collects in small ‘beads’ on the surface of the concrete   and is unable to penetrate deeper. Secondly, any surface protected by AquaShield Concrete and Stone will quickly evaporate the water beads that collect on top of it rather than allowing them to sit on the surface and become filthy pools or bacterial growth hubs. This can be a particular problem in cold, dark areas prone to damp, for instance basements. When moisture finds its way to surfaces in these kinds of areas the climatic conditions make it very difficult for even the smallest amount to dry out and mould and algae have the effect habitat in which to thrive. This can have repercussions more serious than becoming aesthetically displeasing, extensive mould growth in a confined area can create health problems if it gets out of hand.

This product offers a lot of exciting opportunities for homeowners, surfaces can become completely dry within just a few minutes of exposure to water; driveways will be dry right after the rain stops instead of perpetually soggy for days on end. No more dank and mouldy basements or constant maintenance on patios in order to keep them looking in top condition, your outside groundwork will recover from the spring thaw almost immediately.

Those of you concerned with the appearance of your concrete fixtures will be glad to know AquaShield Concrete and Stone does not chance the appearance of the treated material in any way, the only thing that will be visible are the effects.

AquaShield Concrete Surface Treatment

Unlike traditional solvent based treatments AquaShield Concrete and Stone meet modern environmental standards and is guilt free!  The treatment is available in a highly concentrated solution and uses water as a carrier; this allows for easy shipping and is highly cost effective.

So to summarise, AquaShield Concrete and Stone will ensure not only that your surfaces do not absorb moisture or water but also that the water quickly evaporates so as to provide a minimal opportunity for bacteria growth. This formula is newly developed so as meet all environmental standards and have minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystem. It is invisible when applied to a surface and stored and shipped in such as way as to make it the most cost effective solution too.

Nanextechnologies new product AquaShield Concrete and Stone are available now in a highly concentrated formula to allow for easy shipping. Don’t waste time when it comes to protecting your home from water absorption and algae growth, order today before the onset of serious snowmelt and water damage!