There are two options available to make a home more accessible for people with mobility concerns; installing a stairlift or a Vancouver home elevator. Here are the features of both options and why a home elevator is the better choice.

They’re easily safer to use

Whether you choose a stairlift or decide to install a home elevator be sure to weigh the pros and cons before you proceed. Stairlifts really only have one plan for installation and even in a spacious home they will take up valuable space other members of the household may need. They have the potential to be unsafe especially if someone is carrying heavy loads of laundry or other items between floors in the home.

With a home elevator you can pick a free closet sized space in your home and it will not disrupt other people in their routines or present a safety hazard. That’s not to say that stairlifts are unsafe or they could not be sold. They do require users to keep themselves more secure and to be sure to get in the correct position then buckle themselves in. Some users may not find this easy to do and may have a tendency to overlook buckling themselves every time. Anyone needing a way of moving from one floor to another without assistance may find a stairlift to be tricky, especially if a person is unsteady on their feet. With a home elevator you can just press a button, the door opens and you walk or roll your wheelchair in, simply press another button to easily move to another floor.

Convenient for multiple purposes

You can use the home elevator to bring your laundry downstairs, a meal upstairs or for moving parcels or your weekly groceries to an upper level. Also with a home elevator you don’t have to worry about being stranded on another floor, it’s there for you at the touch of a button. Whereas with a stairlift if you left it upstairs should you decide to walk down the stairs you have no way to move it between floors. Installing a home elevator is not only useful for those with mobility issues but many of today’s houses and of course townhomes are multi level making it a good choice for many homeowners and takes up little space. A home elevator can be incorporated into the design of a new home or installed into an existing residence.