Spring is the season in which many homeowners begin to contemplate their landscaping design and lawn design. If you are in an area of the country like Arizona that can have a crazy and extreme climate, especially during the summer, you may wonder what you should do about your lawn. While a natural grass lawn is seen as the ideal across the United States, you may yourself also considering artificial grass as an alternative to a live grass lawn. Get to know some of the pros and cons of these landscaping materials so that you can make the best decision for you and your Arizona home.

Artificial Grass Vs. A Lawn: Pros and Cons

Lawn Con: Water Bills and Drought Issues

One of the biggest cons regarding a natural lawn is the amount of water that it requires. In the heat of summer in Arizona, a lawn needs to watered at least once (and often more times) a day. This can account for major increases in your water bills over the summer month. Breaking your budget to keep your lawn green and healthy can be a major problem over time.

The fact that Arizona also suffers from drought conditions a great deal of the time can also make maintaining a lawn next to impossible. Your water restrictions will not allow you to water the lawn as much as it needs and you will feel frustrated and disappointed in the process.

Lawn Pro: The Traditional Feel of a Natural Lawn

On the other hand, a major pro for a natural grass lawn is the traditional feel of a natural lawn. There is something to be said for the traditional aesthetic, smell, and the like of natural grass. Along with that, the feeling that you have and the emotional connection that many people have to a natural grass lawn cannot be disregarded.

Artificial Grass Con: The Initial Installation Cost

Artificial grass does represent a fairly significant investment when you first install it. In comparison to laying grass seed, the momentary cost will be quite different. However, if you think about things in the long-term, then you will see things differently. Artificial grass requires virtually no maintenance once installed and does not require watering or re-seeing and re-planting like natural grass. This means your long-term costs will be significantly reduced.

Artificial Grass Pro: Durable and Drought-Proof

Artificial grass is not delicate the way natural grass is. This means it can live up to the wear and tear your family may put on it, even if you are playing sports on it or have pets that are out in your yard a great deal. And, of course, artificial grass is drought-proof in that it will look beautiful and green no matter if you have rain or not.

Now that you know some of the pros and cons of artificial grass and natural lawns, you can better make the best selection for you and your home.