For website owners, traffic is the main source for sales, acquisition of advertisers, growing community and high rankings in the search engine.

Many tools are there to get immense traffic but we shall emphasize those tools which are considered best source of traffic generation to your websites.

1) Write And Submit Articles:

Article directories let you to submit unique articles for traffic generation. You can submit article including your website links to these free directories. Your website gains a large traffic throughout the web when visitors read your article and follow your site’s links. Regularly upload your unique articles to articles directories to get enormous traffic.

2) Upload Video Contents To YOUTUBE:

You will locate massive video directories to upload video contents but YOUTUBE offers great amount of traffic back to links for their video contents. Millions of viewers visit YOUTUBE habitually. Uploading unique video to YOUTUBE will definitely bring thousands of visitors daily to your website.

3) Use Social Book-marking websites:

Many of the site owners utilize social book-marking for creation of their back-links. Suggestion here is to use these sites for the intention of uploading contents. The regular client of these sites will visit that content’s base website. When contents are created, you better submit them to these sites for a gradually increase in your web traffic.

4) Directory Submission:

Website directories give free site submission from the very start of web. Website owners are permitted to send their website address free to such directories. Yahoo directories, and such others, categorize every directory to make nearby for visitors searching specified directories list. It thus offers first-rate back-links and traffic together.

5) Comment On Blogs:

TO engage niche community and targeted traffic, blog commenting proffer you a paramount room. Excellent commenting when approved, all traffic from that site will facilitate your links to be checked ultimately resulting a targeted reader. Great featured COMMENTLUV assist you to upload your unique post as well with your comment links.

6) Social Media:

Social media drives big traffic to websites and blogs. Twitter helps in sending short style advertisement for thousands of subscribers. Facebook covers millions of subscribers and permit them to share contents with all subscribers on the whole web. Both can aid you in crating healthy traffic daily.

7) Free Classifieds:

Free advertisement sites help in getting huge traffic. Ads on these sites come without any charge which is economic too. USFreeAds and some more websites grant businesses and the websites free placement for advertisement. Millions of subscribers search these ads websites daily which can be turned into healthy traffic by placing striking ads.


Try the above mentioned tips for creation of healthy traffic to your blog or websites. It will undeniably attract gigantic traffic towards your unique content in websites. Before you initiate your blog or website, consider them first. Giving priority to al will get targeted traffic for your websites.