We may spend a very little time, in the bathroom as compared with the other rooms, but it has to be very clean and soothing. Renovation is a must in this place. A lot of planning and thoughts go into the renovation of the bathroom. Cost-effective bathroom renovation means to have the best materials and the laborers at a low price. It is always better to opt for affordable choices than to start off without planning, and this is the sign of a wise planner. A poor planning can lead to numerous problems. The budget can go out of control, the design can go haywire, and the things might just scatter. All these things will cost more money and time. Many people opt for pictures, paintings and wall hangings in order to give a new look to the bathroom. And in most of the cases such decorations look out of place. Renovation does not mean introducing few new elements. Too much of decorative items can make one’s bathroom look clumsy and untidy.

Bathroom Renovation: Ideas To Keep Things Under Budget

There are various magazines that have brilliant affordable bathroom renovation ideas. But it is not enough to pick one idea and apply it. One has to understand whether the idea or the concept is matching with the overall decoration of the house. It may become a Victorian toilet in a modern household. One needs to choose such design that will complement the interior décor of the house. Many think that such decoration costs a lot of money. But there are cost-effective ways through which one can renovate the bathroom. The following tips regarding renovation can give some insight about affordable bathroom renovation.

  • Creative Colors

One can renovate his/her bathroom using paint, wallpaper and tiles. These are the cost effective ways of bathroom renovation. It gives freshness to the bathroom without much expense. The color alone can give the bathroom a new look if it is done properly. Usually, most of the people opt for white tiles or paint for bathroom. But there are also other colors apart from the drab white. There are many earthy and soft hues to choose from. These all can come under a moderate budget.

  • Flooring

For bathroom flooring one should allot the lion’s share of the budget. Using cheap materials for bathroom floors can be very dangerous and could also cause problem to the family members. For example, vinyl tiles often cause chipping which not only make the bathroom look dirty but is also a potential accident spot. Flooring should be done with such materials that would endure moisture and can be easily cleaned. Colored tiles and stones are the most preferred options for affordable bathroom renovation.

  • Bathroom Fixtures

The market is full of numerous types of bathroom fixtures. From stainless steel to PVC plastics, a wide range of choices are available. While purchasing such items for bathrooms you need to consider the durability of the product. PVC made items can be cheap but these may not be durable. These items should be such that these would be able to endure both hot and cold water temperature. The stainless steel products are expensive but these are more cost effective in the long run because they are durable and strong.

  • Toilet Table/ Vanity

Vanity is one of the most important aspects of a bathroom. A budget bathroom renovation must also include a vanity. Most of the vanities come with a sink. It offers the storage for toiletries. But if one does not have the storage space then the pedestal sink will suffice and it would be cost effective solution for the toilet-table. Such ideas bring out more space in the bathroom and make it look neat and expansive.

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