Elderly people normally have physical disabilities and have greater chances of getting into accidents inside homes. Due to their age, their physical capabilities begin to diminish, and this makes them prone to common hazards.

Due to a number of reasons, bathrooms are extremely dangerous for elderly individuals. Bathrooms have slippery surfaces and less dependable things to hold on to which increases the possibility of accidents. Injuries that may happen inside bathrooms include minor cuts, bruises, scrapes, head contusions, broken bones and even injury to the spinal cord.

Put non-slip floor mats down.

By having a plumber install a non-slip floor mats, it will be a great way to stop falls inside the bathroom. Non-slip mats are among the easiest and cheap ways of increasing bathroom safety for elderly people.

Grab bars help stop slips and falls.

Grab bars is another apparatus that can help in preventing slipping accidents in the bathroom. Installing is it cheap and is preferred than a full bathroom remodel.

Increase the height of the toilet seat.

Increasing the height of the toilet seat is another way to prevent falls. This can be done by adding an elevated toilet seat or by using a commode chair instead of a toilet. A portable bidet can also be used so you won’t have to use your hands in cleaning your bottom.

Install suction mats or safety strips for traction.

Installing suction mats to add traction will help in lowering the chances of falls in the tub. These mats are attached by suction cups which is where the name originates. Suction mats come in different sizes, colors and shapes, which are helpful for individuals are decorating-conscious. Another great way to add traction is placing safety strips in the middle of the tub. Just make sure to follow the instructions properly in installing the strips to avoid slipping and curling.

Install a detachable shower head.

Another investment when it comes to preventing fall in the bathroom is to install detachable shower head by a Victoria BC Plumber. In moving the head around instead of the body, there is less possibility of fall in the shower. You can also complement this with shower chair for added safety.