Many people have heard of humidifiers but don’t really know what they are for or what they do. There are two types of humidifiers out there: one that is portable and is just for one area, and one that attaches to your home’s HVAC system and adds humidity to your entire home. Low humidity can have a plethora of negative affects, so adding a humidifier system to your home could greatly aid in keeping your family and your home healthy. Considering a humidifier? Take a look at the benefits of adding just the right amount of moisture to your home.

Keeps Furniture Fresh

In dry climates and dry seasons, furniture tends to suffer just as much as people. If housed in a continually dry area, wood floors, furniture and cabinets may be subject to drying out and cracking. You can avoid ruining your prized furniture possessions by installing a humidifier. The damp air will keep the wood furniture properly moist, helping to prevent cracking and other damage caused by dry air.

Benefits Of Humidifiers

Soothe Dry Skin

We all know the pain and annoyance of overly dry skin in the winter months. Some even experience severe cracking and bleeding due to the dry air.  Low humidity irritates already apparent skin problems and causes them when there are none. Humidifiers alleviate this problem and put the smoothness back into your dry, itchy skin.

Prevent Illnesses

Bacteria thrives in a dry environment, so preventing your home from dryness can keep bacteria carrying colds and viruses out. Even if you are already getting a cold, having a humidifier in the house can help alleviate the symptoms and possibly cut the cold short. Dry air, on the other hand, tends to make symptoms worse.

Although not necessarily an illness, humidifiers have also been proven to help those who have been diagnosed with asthma or allergies. The humid air helps relieve symptoms and could even improve the condition, depending on its severity.

Reduces Dust

Nothing is more annoying than dust. You didn’t do anything to a surface to make it dirty, yet you have to dust it regularly to keep it looking shiny. With a humidifier, the amount you have to dust should be greatly reduced. Although dust will still happen, humid air will keep dust hidden, while dry air causes it to rise to the surface, creating more work for you. If you are highly allergic to dust, a humidifier could be just what you need to ease your symptoms.

Besides the plethora of benefits listed above, a humidifier system in your home can also add value when you decide to sell it and move somewhere new. Whether you want a healthier home or furniture and paint that won’t crack and peel, a humidifier is your best option. Contact a local professional in the air industry today to discover more about the benefits of humidifiers and how much they will add to your home.

Written by the staff of Controlled Aire Heating and Cooling in Moberly, MO. Controlled Aire is the number one company when it comes to heating and cooling Moberly MO has to offer.