There is a good reason why everyone feels a picture is worth more than a million words. What could be worth more than a pretty, attractive and engaging picture? If we take a sneak peek into the future of enterprise’s content delivery, records and communications formats, then perhaps it’s a powerful audio video. As the IT sector becomes more valued in the corporate world, the need for integrated video discoverability, visual search analytics and related software is also growing. This is how metadata will be viewed and reviewed in the near future.

Benefits Of IT Ecosystem Integration and Video Discoverability For Corporates

The Video Discoverability

The era of a mere corporate video is outdated. The new revolution brings on the audio video format as a forceful medium to share knowledge with employees, communicate with clients and deal with the outside world. If you are on the threshold of expanding your enterprise digitally, this is the best time to use the video advantage. The size of the organisation does not matter. The way it deals with people while doing business matters. Three methods exist to assist organisations to engage the target audience- The extensive use of audio, visuals (via video) and kinaesthetic. Video offers the biggest advantage is that most people are able to process information easily, retain it in the memory and recall when required. A powerful video is a sure shot attention grabber. Take for example, a legal firm where records have to be maintained for years together. If they are in a digital format or AV format how credible the data will be when retrieved, decades after the case is reopened. The same holds true even for the medical records. Video data simply eliminates the time consuming transcription (where audio clarity is an issue). It also reduces costs and retains credibility for ever, regardless of the format. If this makes you feel tempted to try, we offer more benefits of IT ecosystem integration with video discoverability for your corporate organisation.

Internal and External uses of Video Discoverability

There are plenty of other value additions with the audio visual medium. Internally, it can simply replace the projector in the conference room. For training employees, a video grab teaches more. The entire content can be re-wound, explained with visuals and help them to learn better. Larger corporates use this method to access staff branched in other geographical regions. In fact, if an event is in progress, on the same day, real time everyone can access information, react and be understood. This is a single largest way to motivate the entire sales department on the anvil of a new launch. Internally, this method also works well for customer support, investor relations and various events that the company holds all year round.

Externally the application of video content is best used in multi-screens for better distribution of workflow. Online video streaming is rapidly becoming the way to capture consumer attention. With the help of a good IT structure, a combined solution offers a single web-based platform. Even playback is not an issue as it works across devices and platforms. It integrates digital and management content on a single platform.  A high level of scalability with video cast offers better solutions. It is geared to reduce operations to a large extent for big or small organisations. If you can visualise the big picture, go ahead and integrate the power of video discoverability and search analytics. It is worth the effort.  check it here for enterprise video solutions

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