The best energy efficient laundry cleaning tip is to wash the clothes by hand and then hang them to dry. But, in real terms, the majority of us don’t have that much energy to hand-wash and air dry all the clothes. However, no one wants to be indulged with the laundry cleaning hassles as it is not favorite house chores for most of the people. As a result, the best option is to opt for the washing machine.

Usually, a washing machine requires a significant amount of energy and alone accounts over 7% of the energy bills. Majority of the laundry expenses that one bears comes from the heating water for washing as well as heating air for drying. But still, you can look for much better options that would help in reducing energy and saving costs while improvising the laundry cleaning results till a greater extent. So, in order to make laundry cleaning more feasible and budget-friendly, one of the most renowned laundry cleaning companies is revealing some of the best energy efficient laundry cleaning ideas. Let us have a quick glance over those ideas:

Best Ideas For Energy Efficient Laundry Finally Revealed!

  • Best ideas for energy-efficient washer:

Wash the clothes at the shortest cycle and with the most accurate water level that is practical for your needs. Don’t use more than required as it will ultimately waste water. Also, always use cold water for washing your clothes. Washing loads of clothes in cold water would cost much less than washing them in hot or warm water.

Always opt for laundering if you are having sufficient amount of loads to wash. The small load would utilize almost same energy as it is required by a fully loaded machine. So, better to save energy as well as money by opting washing full loads at a time.

Soak heavily soiled items before the actual wash. Also, rub the collars and other stains with the household soap. This will actually prevent you from repeated washing of the clothes.

Update your machine at regular intervals. Even if your machine is an Energy Star-certified, service it regularly so at to maintain its quality and have more energy efficient solutions.

  • Best ideas for energy-efficient dryer:

 Dry similar fabrics together and clean the filters each time you use the dryer. Ensure that the dryer is free from unwanted fluffs which will ultimately help the dryer to operate in more effective way.

It is better to use auto-dry rather than the timed cycle and this way you won’t be using more energy than required. Also, spin the clothes faster so they’ll need less time in the dryer.

 Dry the clothes as much as necessary otherwise excessive drying will degrade the quality of the clothes along with consuming more energy than required. So, you can save energy with the required drying cycles.

  • How to choose energy efficient washing machine?

Nowadays, the market is full of energy-efficient washing machines as well as tumble dryers and washer dryers. You can opt any of the machines that are having EC A-G labels, improvements in technology as well as much improved energy-efficiency.

Have a closer look at the energy ratings of the washing machine that you opt to purchase. The modern machines allow its users for better customization of wash cycles that will help in choosing most energy-efficient option for your needs. Some of the machines even have the weight sensors for accurate loading and automatically determines how much water and heat must be used.

Thus, these were some of the best ideas that could help you in choosing the most energy-efficient and cost-effective laundry cleaner.

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