If you have been diagnosed with back pain, it is vital to choose the right mattress to sleep on. For those eight to ten hours of sleep, you are resting your back, so sleeping on a wrong type of mattress can result in further back pain. It is recommended that you choose an ergonomic mattress recommended for back pain, which relaxes your muscles, enables proper sleeping postures, and promotes good sleep.

Choosing the right bed mattress for back pain can be a cumbersome task. You should look for a mattress that is firm enough to support your lower back and yet soft. If your back pain mattress is too firm, it will push against your spine. If it is too soft, it will sag and not offer any support. If you are a back-sleeper, you need a medium-firm mattress recommended for back pain. If you sleep on your sides, you need a slightly softer mattress for back pain, which will help cushion your sides. If you sleep on your stomach, you need a firm mattress. Most people sleep in a combination of all of these poses. Therefore, the best mattress for back pain is a combination of firm and soft.

In case you are wondering which mattresses are good for back pain, we, at Pepperfry, offer a huge selection of them. If you are looking for a king size bed mattress for back pain, you may consider the Premium Healthpaedic King Bed Back Support Coir & Foam Mattress by Springtek Ortho Coir. The combination of coir and foam makes it both firm as well as reasonably cushy. It supports your back and also promotes natural sleeping positions.

If you prefer an only-foam mattress for back pain, you could go for Back Care Bed Memory Foam Queen Size Mattress by Amore. This foam mattress is designed to keep your body cool during all-weather conditions. It sports an open cell structure, which allows moisture to pass through quickly. It also has in-built protection against bacteria and fungus and an extra top cover of max latex foam.

If you would like a single mattress, then you should opt for the Single Bed Back Support Foam Mattress by SpringTek. This back pain mattress has a core of rubberized coir and also a layer of memory foam. It supports your back and helps promote wholesome sleep.

With so many options available, it only becomes easy for you to choose the right mattress for yourself. Pepperfry gives you plenty of choices, so you won’t need to go anywhere else!