In the often frenzied battle to breathe new life into the home and bring each of its rooms a wonderful new dynamic, many homeowners find themselves overlooking some of the simplest changes of all. When you think about it, there really is only one thing in your home that you can change which will have a marked impact on how each room looks, the vibrancy of colours, the comfort of each room and even the mood you will feel when spending time in your living places. Indeed, the right lighting can make all the difference in the world while at the same time representing one of the simplest home improvements and overhauls you can go about.

Of course it can be easier said than done to make sense of the tens of thousands of different types of lights, lighting products and accessories on the market, which is why it’s a good idea to listen to a few tips from the pros. So with breathing new life into your home in mind and ideally keeping things simple, here is a quick look at a few expert tips from the team behind The Light Yard on how to do exactly that:

1 – Soak Up the Natural Light

Even the most dedicated and passionate home lighting designers in the world would agree that there isn’t any kind of lighting on earth that comes close in terms of beauty and effect to natural light. Indeed, the vast majority of interior lighting products and strategies are put together to help replicate beautiful natural light.  Not only is natural light the most attractive in general, but it is also the healthiest to human beings in terms of beneficial effects to body and soul alike. As such, one of the first things any homeowner looking to go about the revamp should do is ensure their home a soaking up as much natural light as possible.

2 – Think Mirrors and Window Treatments

In terms of really making the most of the natural light your home drinks in, you can intensify the effect with strategic use of mirrors and lighter window treatments.  If, for example, your current window dressings are rather on the thick and heavy side, there’s a chance they could be blocking plenty of light even when they are open. As for mirrors, there’s really nothing better when it comes to making the room look and feel more spacious than it actually is while at the same time reflecting and intensifying natural light. So when and where it is possible and appropriate, it is a good idea to think about installing more mirrors or perhaps larger mirrors.

3 – Multiple Light Sources

One of the most important rules when it comes to sprucing up your home using light as to ensure that your living spaces are lit using a variety of lighting sources.  The best way of treating this point would be to give an example to the contrary, as in when a large room features only one large and extremely bright lighting fixture right in the centre which the whole room depends on. This rarely results in a particularly pleasant effect, but will rather leave you with certain areas that are way too bright and others that are left in the dark or overcast with shadows. So again when and where possible, introduce multiple lighting sources.

4 – Explore Lighting Technologies

There will always be those who find it difficult to break old habits and are less than enthusiastic when it comes to trying out new technologies. However, when it comes to interior lighting for the home it is important to acknowledge the fact that things have come an incredibly long way over the last 20 years or so. As of right now, traditional incandescent light bulbs have now been phased out of the market entirely and the same is being said for pretty much any form of lighting that isn’t both brilliantly effective and extraordinarily efficient. As such, if you haven’t yet considered LED fixtures or the latest examples of compact fluorescents, now is the time to see just how these lighting technologies could improve your home’s interiors.

5 – Custom Light Design

Last but not least, it is also worth remembering that there are some fantastic custom lighting brands on the market today which specialise in creating products to order which are unlike any found in the usual high street stores. As such, if you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary that is guaranteed to bring a new dynamic to the room it graces, check out the custom light designs on offer from specialist providers for a little inspiration.

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