If you’re looking for a new style in your home or to simply upgrade some areas, try adding glass walls or other fixtures throughout your home. The first thing you might change in your home is the color. Painting your walls, updating your furniture all is a logical idea. Another great alternative is to open a room or make it more elegant by adding or changing your home’s glass features.

Try turning your ordinary shower into a focal point. You can open up the space by adding 90 degree or neo-angle designs. By adding one of these it will make your small bathroom seem larger. These two styles can make any bathroom look more luxurious.

If you have a separate shower from your tub, but they happen to share a wall, there is always the single glass door option. Adding even a single door is an upgrade from your old shower curtain. Of course a glass door goes well with every décor as well.

There are many styles of shower glass doors to choose from today. They can be custom made to fit a wall with an angle as well.

  • Corner Shower Door
  • Single Door
  • Door and Panel
  • Sliding Shower Door
  • Over the Tub Enclosure

Whichever style door you choose will add extra elegance and add the room you have been wishing for in your bathrooms. You can’t go wrong with an option that matches every décor and is easy to keep clean.

Translucent Separations for Any Area

If you’re looking for something unique and stylish in your home try replacing that ordinary door to an office or pantry with a glass door. Try the same in a bedroom.  It may seem out of place, but this new trend is quickly catching on. Sliding glass doors offer a contemporary feel to any home.

Glass doors add more than see through views. Adding tempered glass sliding doors to the home, updates the old door style that takes up room opening, into a stylish, sleek and functional look. Not only does it save on room but also the up-keep of the doors is less then painted wooden doors. They get dirty and have to be repainted year after year to keep the bright color. With a glass door there is no maintenance. After install, all you have to do is wipe it clean from time to time.

A Style to Capture the Eye

The newest trends in kitchen designs are back splashes. Instead of the small tiled versions that are increasingly the most popular, try adding a light-enhanced glass panel. This version will instantly update any kitchen into a more modern style. The light is great for night time when making that mid-night snack trip to the kitchen.  They are easier to keep clean as well. With the larger panels and the absence of molding and cracks, cleaning the glass back splashes is simple.

There are a variety of styles to choose from as well. Clear, frosted, patterned, tinted and color glass offer a variety of styles to update your kitchen. Try adding the light-enhanced glass panel to your bathrooms as well.  They make for a great night light with a touch of style to any home. Whether you are updating your bathroom door, or changing a complete look by adding a see-through wall, glass fixtures can add style, elegance and functionality to any home.

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