So, your carpet is looking a little worn out and stained and you’ve decided to get your carpet professionally cleaned. Calling in the professionals like us will surely make your carpet sparkle again, but did you know there are different methods of carpet cleaning? Depending on your lifestyle and situation, one method may be better for you. To help you decide, read below to find out more about the most common carpet cleaning methods.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

  1. Wet Cleaning
    This method is one of the most well known ways to clean a carpet, and it uses hot water and steam to remove dirt and grime in combination with chemical reagents. Wet cleaning is a three step process that involves preconditioning your carpet, injecting near boiling water, and using a vacuum to remove the water, chemicals, and dirt. This method is great for achieving a deep clean as it uses high temperatures and pressures, and is recommended by many carpet manufacturers and industry professionals. But be cautious as this method also comes with an extended drying time and expensive equipment that can be rented but may still cost more than other methods.
  2. Absorbent Pad
    Also called bonnet cleaning, absorbent pad cleaning is a less intense clean that can be used for routine maintenance. First the carpet is vacuumed, then a chemical compound is applied, and after a bit of time the absorbent pad is attached to a machine which rotates around the floor in order to scrub the carpet and absorb the dirt and cleaner. Use this method as an inexpensive option if you have a light to moderately dirty carpet, but avoid if your carpet needs a deeper clean as it usually only reaches the top of the carpet fibres.
  3. Absorbent Compound
    This method is a dry cleaning method that uses powders, solvents, and cleaning agents that clean your carpet with the help of a machine with rotating brushes. The dry compound is easily vacuumed up afterwards. This method is great as it is quick drying and does not put your carpet out of use for a long period, and it is a simple clean. Be aware that using this method often may cause the powder to build up in plush carpets, and a deeper clean may be required. Your home may also have more dust than usual after using this method due to the dry powder.
  4. Rotary Shampoo or Dry Foam
    This method is similar to others as it uses a pre applied solution that is scrubbed with a machine, but instead the machine whips the solution into foam which helps trap dirt. The dirt and foam is then vacuumed up afterwards. This is a fast cleaning method that is usually inexpensive, and the small amount of moisture in the foam does not create long drying times. The rotating brushes also agitate the dirt and reach shallow stains well. Unfortunately, the brushes in this method cannot reach below the carpet surface, and equipment malfunction may cause your carpet to be more damp than expected.

So now that you are aware of the most common carpet cleaning methods and are ready to choose the best one for you, contact Sani-TECH today to schedule your Victoria carpet cleaning.