For aspirants of CAT Exam, one of the major sticking points is on what strategy they should adopt while preparing to have absolute mastery on the verbal section. It should also be noted that there is no one size fits all strategy available for students as a whole and each and every one has to have a customized strategy of their own to be successful in their endeavor. Also students should be aware that being strong in this domain would not ensure success. The below mentioned points would be helpful in assisting aspirants to score maximum out of the so-called section:

  1. Recognize your Strong Areas

Before attempting a competitive exam like CAT it is worthwhile to have a bird’s eye view through the exam pattern which would help you to see whether the skill levels you possess are enough to help you score well in the topics that appear in the exam paper by spotting the easy and medium questions and attempting them first.  What you should realize that all questions has equal weightage but of course there are some questions that are easier to tackle. Thus it would simply mean attempt the sections that you are naturally good at.

  1. Awareness about your weaknesses

From every practice test you attempt, you would be able to see the grey areas where you are lagging behind or simply weak at. This one of the main advantages mock tests have as they reveal the areas you need to work well to bring your scores to a considerably higher level. Thus here comes the realization that one has to identify their weak areas and fix them at no cost.

  1. Continuous analysis of strengths and weakness while improving the strengths

This would mean one has to keep an eye on the changes in the strong and weak areas while working on them so that the priorities could be shuffled on which topic should be given most importance which would amplify the preparations by taking it to the next level.

  1. Do not stress on what could go wrong

As the date of exam approaches, the common trend has been that the aspirants would be focusing on the areas where they would falter. Hence most of them would go for attempting the paper at one shot. This would not be a right strategy as going section wise with the easiest one first would remove all stress from your mind and help you to go forward with momentum being maintained.

From the above discussion, it is quite evident that the Verbal section would not be an uphill challenge if we do prepare with the right strategies with standard books like NCERT Textbooks. All aspirants should thus focus on employing the strategies that suit their learning style to ensure success in competitive exams.

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