This article will provide you information about net worth of celebrities. Stuart Maxwell Whiteman is a retired award winning actor known to the world as Marshal Jim Crown was born on 1st February 1928. He started his career in 1952 and ended in 2000. The estimated net worth of Stuart is $5 million and he earned this amount through successful career in entertainment industry and his investments in the industry. You can find information about different celebrities and their net worth at

Stuart was the eldest child in the home. According to his words his family moved often during his childhood. He had done his metric from Hollywood High School and from childhood he loved acting but nobody took his desire serious. After his education he had joined US Army and served there for three years in the corps of engineers and in 1948 he discharged with honor. After giving his services in the Army he studied law and after that he had joined Michael Chekov Stage Society and studied acting there for the period of four years. In his next move he joined Ben Bard Drama School in Hollywood. He spotted as a talent scout when he was in the college. During 50s he worked with Universal pictures in their production “All I Desire” and also worked with MGM appearing in “Rhapsody and “Passion” in 1954 in this way he went on building his name more and more in the acting world. All the appearing helped him in increasing his net worth and secured his status as a star at Fox.

He was at the top of success during 60s and worked at some most memorable roles but not able to keep the high acting quality in 70s which resulted in the films that were not so popular. His career started moving downstream in 80s, you can find all these details on He remained active during 90s but with no good results. In 1993 he married to Julia Vladimonova Paradiz which was his third wife.

Rip Taylor was born on 13th January 1935 in Washington D.C. USA. The world knows him for his flamboyant personality because of his acting. According to the sources the net worth of Taylor is $3 million. He has come from an artistic family and his father was a musician. He has faced many troubles from his childhood but with courage he went through all the troubles. Before starting his career as an actor he served in US Army Signal Corps. He started his acting career as a comedian performing in the clubs abroad, he copied acts from other comedians in his career beginning. He started his net worth and his personality went on increasing day by day. During 70s he appeared in many games which made him more popular.

In 90s he started focusing on his career more than the variety of shows and had several notable appearances. He got several voice roles after he started working more on voice acting. Apart from his career on screen he successfully did theatre. During his live performances he got a nickname King of Camp and Confetti.