If you are thinking of installing balustrades in your home or garden then using a kit can be one of the easiest ways to get started. Balustrade kits will have all of the parts and fittings included so they are ready to be installed immediately. There are a number of options for balustrades and the design that is chosen largely depends upon their function and your own personal preference.

  • Framed Glass Balustrades

These kits are one of the most popular styles of balustrades that are available on the market today. This is due to the fact that they are very cost effective because they are so durable and will not have to be replaced for a number of years, whether they are used inside or outside. Their durability also makes them ideal for areas that have a lot of foot traffic such as inside the home on the landing. Most kits will be customisable and allow you to create the look that you want from a number of different options to fit in with the environment where they will be used.

  • Semi-framed Balustrades

Semi-framed balustrades do not have a barrier on the top of the structure which makes them ideal for use on a balcony or around some decking in the garden as the fact that they are only semi-framed means that there is less to obstruct your view. Glass clamps are often used to keep the glass in place and toughened glass is used as it is safer while still being economical. Once they have been installed semi-framed balustrades are very hard wearing and can withstand extremes in weather, which is another reason they are so popular for outside use.

  • Frameless Balustrades

Frameless balustrades are similar to semi-framed but they’re usually fitted with a handrail along the top. Stainless steel is a good choice for the material to be used for the handrail as it is sturdy and easy to keep clean. The glass can either be mounted from the side or from the base. Again, there is not a great deal to obstruct the view so these kits are often used in gardens. The glass that is used will either be toughened or laminated which improves the safety of the balustrade.

Balustrades have a number of uses around the house and in the garden and purchasing a kit will ensure that you have everything you need in order to install them. As well as all the parts you will need, the kits should also come with full instructions for installation. They will also give you an indication of the tools that you will need to complete the project.

Alongside this, there will also be a number of guides that are available online which may be able to give you some tips on not only installation, but on the project as a whole. Before you decide on which kit to purchase you will need to consider where in the home or garden the balustrades are going to be installed as this will affect the type of kit that you need. This is a project which can usually be completed in a day and so once you have purchased the kit, the balustrades can be installed in a short space of time, making the transformation quick and easy.