Cleaning the glass windows is among the most demanding chores faced by homeowners. And what’s more unfortunate, there are lots of traditions and mistaken beliefs surrounding the proper way of cleaning windows.

So, even if you manage to clean your windows regularly, using tools or solutions that are not ideal will only leave your windows looking worse, with a lot of spots or streaks that were actually not present before they were washed. However, if you hire professional window cleaners, they possess the right knowledge and skills, and appropriate tools that will leave you with clean, spotless and streak-free windows.

But if you opt to do the window cleaning yourself, here a few tips from First Response Auto Glass along with ways to help you clean your glass windows properly:

1.   Prepare the Basic Cleaning Solution

Mixing one tablespoon of vinegar for every quart of warm water can serve as an all-purpose window cleaning solution, or you can also combine a spray of dishwashing soap for every bucket of water. The vinegar mixture can be stored in a spray bottle, ready to be used for cleaning small windows.

2.   Gather the Right Tools

Professional window cleaners use astonishingly few tools. To combine speed and safety, they normally use tools like a sponge, clean cloth and for stubborn dirt on windows, a solution of window-cleaning concentrate that they mixed with water and applied on windows using a clean cloth.

To be swift and efficient in cleaning your windows, you must have and will need the following: a sponge, wash cloth, paper towels, a bucket, a step stool, an old toothbrush and an apron with pockets.

3.   Make the Glass Shine

For tilt-in windows, washing every side is pretty straightforward. Spray the inside of the glass with the cleaner until it sufficiently misted. Then, using a clean cloth, wipe the window horizontally until it’s dry.  Tilt the window in the opposite way; repeat the process on the outer panes; however, this time, wipe it vertically.

For double-hung windows that don’t fold in, just slide the bottom pane up for about eight inches so you can easily reach out and up the window. Clean the area that you can reach after, which slide the top panel down to get it from above. For windows that don’t open at all, you can clean the inside first and then rinse the outside part using a hose.

4.   Scrub the Panes

For multi-pane windows, you can use a handheld sponge or hog-bristle. Using the cleaning solution that you prefer, rub each pane from left to right, top to bottom, and work around the corners with your sponge or brush bristles to loosen the dirt.

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