For people who are on the lookout for a nice shower head to lift the style of their bathroom, the excellent Color Changing LED Hand Shower can be an unmatchable choice for them. Not only can they make it easier for you to take a relaxing whole body shower for their flexibility, but also add an exquisite and classy feeling to your bathroom with the brilliant light they emit.

This Bathroom LED Spray Shower is especially ideal for young children. If you have a naughty kid who doesn’t like bathe at home, then the LED shower can be a big savior to help them get rid of that bad habit. I can boldly say that every kid will be easily attracted by the iridescent light generated by the colorful LED light. What comes along with the wonderful light is the warm and pleasant water. For kids, it’s definitely an amazing thing to shower with colorful and water. And for adults, this wonderful scene will make you forget about all else temporarily and immerse yourself in the cozy shower.

Color Changing LED Hand Shower For Bathroom Decoration

A more unmatched benefit of using temperature color changing LED faucets is that you can know the water temperature visually through the changing of the light color instead of stretching out your hand to feel the water temperature. According to our former experience, it’s nearly a nightmare to use our own hand to test the water temperature, especially in winter. However, we will never be scared of the icy water or hot water from now on with the invention of intelligent LED shower head.

Normally, a general LED shower head can display light in the three basic colors at least: red, green and blue. And of course, red refers to hot water while green means cold water. When the water gets blue, this shows that the water temperature is just moderate and ideal for a comfortable bath.

This type of LED shower is now widely applied in many modern families as the alternative of traditional shower heads. Not just because of the luxurious shower experience they brought to us, but there has no energy consumption caused as well. Many people may worry about the electricity cost once they see the build-in LED light bulbs. As a matter of fact, they won’t cause any electricity consumption since they are powered by their inside turbine rather than the electricity or battery.

Except for the normal RGB LED shower, there are more types of them available in the market now. An upgrade version is the one which can spray water in 7 different colors. Additionally, the Bathroom LED Spray Shower also differs from each other in design and finish. For shower, handheld shower head, wall mounted shower head and tub faucets are the basic 3 types of them. And from the point of view of finishes, you can find them in nickel, brass and chrome.

The best part is that no matter which type you are fond of, you can find it in online stores with competitive price. Referring to the online reviews and product instruction will help you make a best informed decision and get the best product with least cost at the same time.