Summer means great weather, beach, outdoor activities, or just spending time in your yard doing fun family activities. Regrettably, summer is also the time for many pests to come out. You can find them in your yard or even inside your home.

Common Summertime Pests

Here are a few common pests that a pest control sees on a regular basis that are present during summer:


One of the top pests that exist during summertime are mosquitoes. They do not only give that itchy welt, they also transmit diseases that can be life-threatening. So if you want to have fun in your yard during summer, make sure that you are taking the necessary steps in eliminating mosquitoes so you and your family will be safe from diseases they carry.


As temperatures rise, it is the high time for fleas to come out and attach themselves to its food source, which are household pets. Since flea allergies are quite common, flea bites are painful and itchy and can also spread diseases so it is vital that you make sure that you do preventive steps in ensuring that your pet is free from fleas. Bathe your pets regularly, make sure that their beds are clean and vacuum their sleeping areas from time to time. If you have pets that are infested with fleas, call a pest control professional to address the problem. Fleas can reproduce at a fast pace and are difficult to eliminate.


Ant infestation is quite common during summertime, leaving your doors open and having cracks on your walls is a big invitation for ant infestation. Most ants are harmless and don’t bite, however, that doesn’t make them a nuisance. If you are suffering from ant problem, make sure that you clean food morsels from the cupboard and counter tops. Make sure to wipe and disinfect areas in your house that are left with food residue and morsel. It is also advisable to seal holes and cracks to prevent ants from getting inside your house.


Roaches normally live in warm and damp environments. And since they consume anything, getting rid of them can be very hard. They are usually seen in bathrooms and kitchens. Since they carry bacteria and sometimes cause allergic reactions, it’s recommended to hire an exterminator in eliminating them. If you see a single roach, chances are there’s a hundred more hiding nearby. They breed extremely fast and are among the most problematic pests to eliminate once they infest a house. To prevent roach infestation, make sure your house is clean. Do not bring in newspapers and boxes and seal crevices, cracks and holes.

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