According to the Croydon Council website, Croydon plans to build 1,000 affordable homes by the year 2019 to meet the demands of the borough’s growing population. But this housing boom is not limited to Croydon; much of south London is also witnessing new construction, which means concrete suppliers have had to ramp up supply to meet this growing demand.

Isn’t all concrete the same?

Say the word ‘concrete’ and most people have a vague idea of what you are talking about. “It’s the stuff you pour for a building’s foundation, yes?” is what they will say when pressed for an answer. But as with most things in life, concrete comes in a variety of types; more importantly, it can either be quality or be inferior.

The one constant: Where to find a quality concrete in south London area?

In Croydon, in south London and in other parts of the city, there are a number of ready mix concrete suppliers. Obviously, the scope of the building site dictates how much concrete will be required. A homeowner adding a rear kitchen extension in south London may get by with a couple of bags of ready-to-mix concrete from his or her local hardware store. In Croydon and in other boroughs with ambitious building plans, large construction sites require tons of concrete. But what every large-scale builder knows and what every homeowner should know is regardless of the scope of a building site, when concrete is involved, one thing remains constant: quality. The use of inferior concrete can jeopardize the stability of any project, be it a modest kitchen extension or a new housing tract. This being the case, when buying ready-to-mix concrete, do not scrimp on the cost.

What to look for in ready mix concrete

Home Depot is one of the largest do-it-yourself (DIY) outlets in the States, as is Builder Depot in the U.K. Both companies offer primers on what to look for when buying – and mixing – concrete. First and foremost, only buy ready mix concrete from reputable manufacturers. And be certain the water-to-powder (cement) ratio is balanced. Too much water will result in concrete that is weak, brittle and will quickly succumb to weight and pressure. Lastly, be mindful of combing the recommended proportion of ingredients. Concrete is not a substance you can wing or guestimate; it is an exact science.

Quality concrete, whether of the ready mix variety or onsite mixed concrete, is literally the building block on which the security of a new home or extension rests. If you are planning to build, you have creative license with respect to curtains or furniture; do not be creative when it comes to concrete. Quality is your only choice.