When you have rental property there are many things you can do as landlord to quickly prepare your property for the next tenants. The more readily available the property is, quicker you can get back to making money on your investment. A few ways you can spruce up your property include security, painting, cleaning, and retouching high traffic areas.


While you may have trusted your previous renters explicitly, you can’t vouch for everyone who has been in their home during their tenure. One of the first quick and easy fixes to securing your property is changing all the locks on the doors, garages, and sheds. Changing locks prevents anyone from reentering the property without permission. If you allowed the tenants access to a security system, have the passcode changed immediately.

DIY Property Management: What To Do After Your Renters Have Moved On


Getting ready for the next renter is essential as you don’t want to get left with an expensive mortgage payment at the end of the month. To do this you should thoroughly clean the location. Remove anything that was left behind by the previous tenants. Do not forget that this includes outdoors as well as a messy yard will scare away many possible renters. Prior to cleaning the carpet or floors, thoroughly clean the base boards, trims, ceiling fans. After you have cleaned the counter tops and inside of the cabinets, make sure you clean the rest of kitchen to include all appliances. Move the large appliances to clean underneath them, also clean the top hard to reach places such as the top of the refrigerator and stove vents. Windows and window sills will also need cleaning.


There more than likely are scuff marks, nail or bracket holes, and marks along the walls. Prior to painting using putty sealant and a putty knife, cover and smooth over holes, nicks, damaged areas of the drywall. Instead of priming, then painting, get a quality paint that already includes the primer and paint the walls a neutral


Carpets with tough stains do not necessarily need to be pulled. Renting a quality industrial carpet/floor cleaner will usually tackle the most difficult stains regardless of the carpet’s texture or floor’s texture. Soaking highly stained areas for about an hour with stain remover prior to cleaning the carpet will increase the likelihood of getting rid of the stain. If your property has tile with grout, ask for grout-cleaning attachments with you rent your carpet/floor cleaner. Wooden floors should not be cleaned with abrasive cleaners but rather wood floor cleaning solutions. You might even consider hiring Certified Flooring Installation, Inc. to install some new flooring if the previous tenants damaged the floors extensively.


If your property has a yard, be sure to cut the grass, rake leaves, and prune or touch up bushes as needed. Adding a potted plant to the entry way will be inviting touring home tours. Your yard is the first impression of your property.

For any major repairs, allow a professional contractor to offer consultation. Once the property is ready for new tenants, solicit it using pictures and details that highlight its positives.