When it comes to owning a pool, one major concern to consider is pool safety aside from maintenance. There are a number of ways to make your pool safer for you and your family, and utilizing a multi-faceted approach is practical.

This article will focus on different pool barriers, which is among the best ways to provide pool safety. There are a lot of pool barriers but we will focus on mesh fencing, pool safety covers and pool nets which are all easy and cost-effective to install.

Mesh Fencing

Some pool owners prefer mesh fencing because of its flexibility, which can be easily installed and removed. Mesh fencing is an eye-catching, see-thru pool barrier that passes all safety codes and can be installed by the pool owner or a professional. It is sometimes known as “removable pool fencing”, since any adult can easily take out the fence sections, to make way for pool parties and offer protection.

For pool owners who like mesh fencing but doesn’t approve of the look of wrought-iron fencing can opt for the frameless glass pool fence, which utilizes tempered safety-glass panels along with stainless-steel hardware for that luxurious look.

Pool Covers

Considered to be safer compared to mesh fencing is the pool cover. Pool covers are stretched all over the pool and anchored in the pool deck. It can be easily removed by children, it is even capable of supporting a 4000-pound car.

Pool covers are a great alternative to mesh fences and come in different types, like nets and mechanized vinyl covers or the automatic pool covers.

Of all the types of the pool cover, the mechanized or automatic is mostly preferred because they can cover the entirety of the pool and not just the area around the pool. While keeping the pool clean, pool covers also help prevent evaporation and save heat loss.

Automatic is the most convenient type; however, it is also the most expensive.

Pool Nets

Pool nets are almost the same with a mechanized pool cover however it is way cheaper. Pool nets are a newcomer when it comes to the pool safety scene. They are installed by stretching it tight over the pool to create the web across the pool, with 3 to 4 inches openings. Safety pool nets are extremely light that it can be installed in 10 minutes and removed in 5 minutes.

So which is the better choice, a Pool Cover, Fence or Net?

All the three types have their advantages and disadvantages. The problem lies in making sure to put up the cover every after use of the pool. Even it is raining, dark or if the children are sleeping and you are busy with other things. If it’s not placed in the pool, it will not serve its purpose in protecting you and your family. Proper adult supervision can’t be substituted when around the pool, but choosing the right protection for your pool will depend on your preference, budget, and needs.