Without a doubt, your bathroom gets so much traffic each and every day that it won’t be long before it gets a bit worn out and needs a mini overhaul. But if you think it’s time to give your bathroom a makeover, you needn’t fear because there are ways to do it without spending too much of your hard-earned money.

Let the Light Shine Through

Your Bathroom’s Window(s)

Lighting is important for any bathroom, as we all know. But whether you are relying on natural lighting or artificial lights, you can brighten up your bathroom space by paying more attention to your bathroom’s windows and shower curtains. If you have a small window in your bathroom (which is generally the case) you can improve the light that comes in and still maintain a level of privacy by frosting it. To frost your bathroom window, you can make use of a spray frost or film. The good thing about frosting your window is that it gives you the privacy you want but at the same time, the maximum amount of light can shine through.

Your Shower Curtain

Another way to brighten up your bathroom is by changing your shower curtain. If you use shower curtains for your shower enclosure, try to stick to lighter coloured ones. Most bathrooms are naturally dark, but you can make it worse by choosing a dark-coloured shower curtain. Choose a shower curtain in white or with a delicate pattern to give it a unique look. You can always add contrast by choosing different colours for your towels and bath linen, your bath rugs and mats, and even decorative artwork.

Easy and Simple Ways To Give Your Bathroom An Inexpensive Overhaul

Your Shower Rod

If you have a shower curtain, then you would naturally have a shower rod. The most common type of shower rod is the straight one, as we all know. But you can give your bathroom more functionality and space by installing a new, curved rod for your shower. Most hotels make use of curved rods because they are more elegant and stylish – but not only this, they can also increase the space inside your shower enclosure by as much as 40 percent. Not only will you have more elbow room whilst taking a shower – you also have a more stylish, sophisticated look for your bathroom just by changing your shower rod. Moreover, replacing your old shower rod with a curved one doesn’t take too much effort, either – all you need is a screw and some muscle help from another person to hold the rod’s other end, and you’re set.


Re-grouting your bathroom is another easy way to give it an instant boost. If you have degraded grout around your bathtub, not only is it unsightly, it also lets water seep in where it shouldn’t. Make use of a spray for mildew first if the grout line is spotted with black dots or discoloured. In some cases, the spray is enough. But if the grouting really needs work, then you can use a silicone sealant in a similar colour to the original, remove the old grouting, clean the seams, and apply the new grout.

Having a new and improved bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean a major overhaul. With these few simple and easy tricks, your bathroom can look as good as new. And if you want to give your bathroom an even better look by adding some elegant bathroom accessories and other essentials, you can always browse through the range available at http://www.bellabathrooms.co.uk.