Whenever you decide to have a baby you have to be completely ready for it. Having a baby is not an easy task, but at the same time being pregnant and then having a baby; seeing them growing up in front you is a beautiful journey altogether.

These days when an individual decides to become pregnant they have a lot of helping hands around them. They have a proper gynaecologist, an expert dietician handy if they want. They can also have a lactation consultant in Bengaluru, if they think that they need it.

Many people advice you to eat more because you have another life growing inside you. Do not ever do that. Your gynaecologist will tell you much intake you need on an everyday basis to keep yourself fit and fine. At the same the gynaecologist can suggest you a dietician who will take care of your daily protein and calcium intake of your body so that the growing foetus can get nutrition from it. So eating heavy is not the solution, buteating right is. They will let you know what to eat and what to avoid during this tenure.

One has to eat and maintain a healthy diet during this period of time. As the dieticians say, one has to have at least five portions of green vegetables and fruits on a regular basis. Then, the meal should also contain a lot of carbohydrates like rice, pasta and bread. Then there has to be some eggs, meat and fish along with milk and a portion of pulses as well. Fish is important because it contains omega 3 fatty acids and this is very vital for the development of the nervous system of the baby. But remember, you do need to eat extra because you have a baby inside. You should eat in proper portion and the baby needs to have the proper protein. 200 extra calories per day is okay but not more than that. Vitamin supplements intake is also not a bad idea. This can help if you are not able to eat properly and get sick by eating. But for that you need to consult your doctor. This is because Vitamin supplements should have 400 micrograms of folic acid. It also needs to contain some amount of Vitamin D as well which will help to grow the bone structure of the baby. Do not eat street foods which are too oily and are made of things which are not healthy. Avid very deeply fried things as well. Cook your food in utensils which are clean and wash them thoroughly. Always wash your hands properly or use a hand sanitizer before you eat.

Only sitting and relaxing will not help. You have to be a bit flexible. Do some regular exercises. You can also to do some light household works if you are not a regular office goer and this will keep your body weight in check and help the foetus grow healthily. Do not smoke or drink alcohol once you get pregnant. This will indirectly affect your baby’s health. So stay away from these two things for the period of nine months and even after the delivery if baby as you need to breast feed.

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