The versatile keyboard-based musical instrument- piano- serves as a great medium to develop your passion for music. The diverse instrument helps you play a variety of music, thereby giving you a deep knowledge of the different musical genre, be it jazz, pop or classical. While learning to play such a complex instrument may seem like an overwhelming task for beginners, keeping the basics in mind will help you a lot in the process.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to heart and you will gain expertise in piano learning in no-time.

Gain an understanding of Music Theory: It may be one of the most overwhelming aspects of learning a musical instrument, but basic knowledge of Music Theory is absolutely essential if you are serious about piano lessons. An understanding of the Music Theory will give you insights into keys and notes. Not only this, you will also find it easier to create and write original songs.

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Learn to play chords and scales: Begin your lessons with the C major scale. One of the easiest scales to learn, it is composed of natural notes without any flats and sharps. Learning the C major will enable   you to transfer your knowledge of the steps memorized to a different scale. A chord involves playing two or more notes simultaneously. Learning chords in the beginning of piano learning is as important as getting a grip on the scales.

Practice your most-loved songs: Learning to play your preferred songs will help put the combined knowledge of music theory, chords and scales to practical use. Make sure you pick songs that are easy to play because choosing a song that is too advanced for your level will not help the cause of perfecting the basics.

Opt for piano lessons in Los Angeles: It is true that the internet is replete with awesome piano lessons and tutorials, but nothing compares to the learning imparted by a professional teacher. Los Angeles is quite rightly the hub of music, hence going for professional Piano Lessons Los Angeles is the easiest way to efficiently learn the piano in the littlest of time. A good piano instructor will ensure that you stay disciplined during the course of the lessons. Appropriately timed lessons will also maintain the right pace required to gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals. Live feedback should give you an idea about the aspects that need improvement.

Get out of your comfort zone: Most often it is easy to get comfortable with certain songs and not challenge you. Beware, because the moment this happens your piano learning has stopped. Keep challenging yourself with new songs that require an advanced level of playing. Constant progression is essential for developing your musical talent to its full potential.