Do you like boating? Do you think it is interesting to boat in Iceland? There are many touristic companies that attract you with their interesting proposals to ride a boat to discover the admirable landscapes of ice Lagoon, Greenland and surrounding territories. Of course, it is important to hire a good powerful car in Reykjavik to get the place of embarking to continue your further travelling by boat.

Boating Toucan Tour to Flatey Island

This summer tour takes you from Reykjavik to Stykkisholmur, where you can boat to Flatey. This is a place where you can see a lot of birds, especially colored and cute toucans. Actually, toucan is called profastur that means priest because of their interesting black-and-white colors. The toucans are popular to eat and admire them, as you want. The summer months of Flatey Island starts living with its own life. Millions of toucans come here from April till September. These birds chose Flatey to make a couple and bring out nestlings. This is a good chance to swim around the islands of Flatey.

Common Eider Ducks

South Coast and Jokulsarlon Ice Lagoon

This two days tour takes you to the amazing place – Jokulsarlon Ice Lagoon. You can see big icebergs of different forms and sizes. They are white, blue and deep blue colors. The ice tour starts from the Skaftafell Park. Of course, to climb up the iceberg you need good ammunition boots. If you do not have special boots and equipment, you can hire it online. The tour goes along the South Coast of Iceland. The first stop is Seljalandsfoss Waterfall. It is 18 meters high. There is a secret pathway, hidden deep in the water flow. You definitely need a boat to get there.

The next stop is Skogafoss Waterfall. This amazing fall is one of the best visiting places in Iceland. It was an amazing shooting place for Hollywood films. What a beautiful view! The water fall is situated at the end of a big iceberg Vatnajokull. Now you have enough impressions! If you want to stop here for day or two, you can stay here in the nearest hotel Gerði (for summer) or Smyrlabjorg (for winter). All rooms are equipped with the bathroom, free WiFi and good restaurant.

Ice Lagoon Boating Tour

Did you see the amphibian boat in the Jokulsarlon Ice Lagoon? The view is amazing! If you want to go boating along the huge drift icebergs, you may take amazing pictures! The blue ice and azure water make the unforgettable impression. The boating tours are available for all and everyone.

Jokulsarlon, Iceland

Ocean Kayaking Along the Reykjanes Island

Ocean kayaking is interesting sport that becomes more and more interesting in Iceland. Enjoy the beauty of the island in Reykjanes Lagoon. If you have some time before your flights in Keflavik, this kayaking tour is just for you. You may start from the early morning, when the water is calm and clear to be perfect for kayaking. The evening tour is also available if you have late flight. Kayaking is good for family groups. The kids from 5-11 are placed all together with their parents to be safe.

Sit-on-top boats or kayaks are safe boats that are good for newcomers. The boats are rather comfortable for people of different figure and flexibility. The boats have an open roof that is good for admiring nature.

Arctic Regions

It is going to be two- or three-days tour. You should visit Skjalfandafloi to watch whales and go further to Flatey to watch toucans and other birds. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy nature and floating over the ice river. You are going to stop where you want to take pictures and discover something interesting.

Antarctic kayaking

Whales and Toucans – North Iceland Boating Tour

Do you want to try something interesting? Of course, you can try yourself in sailing! The nice walk on a beautiful yacht is going to be amazing to make you watch after whales and birds. The atmosphere is ancient and adventurous. The yacht takes you to Lundey (the island of toucans) and whales watching places. The Skalfandi Bay is perfect place for boating because of picturesque landscapes around and variety of birds.

There are two small islands in the region: Lundey (toucans’ island) and Flatey (flat island) with the variety of different birds. You can see toucans, Arctic ducks, gunnets, diving pigeons, solans. The beautiful rocks are situated in the Western part of the island. They are called Viknafjoll. In short, the landscape is admirable and charming. The islands Lundey and Flatey are situated not far from the Husavik. Lundey is situated up at the water to be the favorable place for birds to live. Flatey is flat to be situated just a couple of meters above the sea level.

The boating tour consists of several parts: watching after birds and animals and yachting tour. You can help the yacht captain and skipper to feel yourself as the Iceland Viking from the ancient folk sagas.

Amazing Fiords for Experienced Kayakers

This tour is available for experienced kayakers. It starts from the Isafjordur point. This is a unique opportunity to see the Polar Circle, icy icebergs, snowy rocks. Discover the beauty of ice nature right here in Iceland, in the region of Isafjordur.

Puffin's shout

Sea Kayaking

The Isafjardardjur Bay opens broad opportunities for kayaking for experienced kayakers and newcomers. Of course, locals know everything about the beauty of these places. The most of them are hidden from the travellers’ eyes deep in the nature traps. The seacoast Snaefjallaströnd is a good sample of harsh arctic climate and landscapes. There is no surprise as far as this place is situated close to the Polar Circle. You can see snowy mountains, huge icebergs and many interesting attractions.

How about visiting Folafotur? This is a little quiet space between two fiords Seydisfjordur and Hestfjordur. This is a pleasant atmosphere for quiet boating tour for the whole day or two. Enjoy watching the sea birds and animals and get fit for kayaking.

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