Current lifestyle has brought about many problems along with it. Various other factors like contaminated food, exposure to hazardous chemicals and pollution have been hampering the health of men and women alike. At the same time infertility is rising and has become a common problem everywhere.

IVF or Invitro fertilization is an advanced technological assistance that has been helping couples conceive. A range of treatments from top infertility doctors in India contributing to give the best of fertility services.

IVF and several other treatments have been solving infertility issues.  It is administered Infertility depending on your medical history and fertility levels the couple.

Here are some factors determining the success rate of IVF treatments

It is a known fact that one out of every six couple is affected by infertility.  IVF treatments since its introduction have become popular and have come a long way to help them conceive.


The cost of IVF inclusive of medication and drugs ranges from 60,000 rupees to a lakh depending upon the duration of the treatment. The same treatment can go up to 5 lakhs in foreign countries. Therefore the price is comparatively low in developing countries. Whereas the cost of IVF in India can vary depending on your location. Most of the patients travel to medical hubs such as Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore or Hyderabad or even Mumbai. Each of these hubs is quite different from the other and practitioners charge based on the cost of living in these cities.

Apart from the rates, there won’t be any major difference in treatments. Also considering the cost factor many couples consider traveling for the sake of treatment.


Out of the many important factors a woman’s age determines the chances of conceiving leading to a successful pregnancy.  There is no particular or fixed age but younger the women lesser the number of IVF treatment. If she crosses the 40 mark then in order to conceive she might need more IVF treatments for a successful pregnancy.

Donor Sperm or Eggs

The cost may, however, increase the requirement of a donor. The donor sperm is generally few thousands of rupees and can go up to 12,000 rupees a time. The donor is mostly used in cases where couples or one of them has low fertility levels.


One cycle of IVF takes about four to six week and during the cycle and pain can be experienced by women as they start her injections for the development of eggs. Advanced technology injectable pens, needles with small bores are used to administer the injections.  It takes a couple of weeks for the eggs to mature. At a later stage, the eggs are retrieved and fertilized. Usually from the first stage which is the first day of the period cycle to the final stage constant monitoring is required and expected of the top infertility doctors in India.

Final stage

After the stimulation of ovaries that leads to egg retrieval and fertilization, one has to constantly stay positive of the development of the embryo. Once the embryo reaches a point of growth the transfer and a final blood test procedure ensures a successful pregnancy.