Whether you like it or not, your job interview outfit matters a lot when it comes to acing that dream job. It is because what you wear make as much difference as what’s on your resume when it comes to impressing a potential employer.

Before you make known yourself with your eloquence (or lack thereof), the interviewer will judge how you dress for the interview, and your dress can reveal a bit of who you are as an individual as well as your work ethics.

What you wear can either make or break your dream to land the job. Thus, it is essential that you should think of your outfit before going to a job interview. For a little help, here are some fashion dos and don’ts to help you get that dream job.

Do Think of Dressing Conservatively

When going to a job interview, it is important not to be overly fashionable even just for this occasion. It means staying away from trendy clothes and sticking on the appropriate side of dress codes like wearing pencil skirts, pantsuits, and sheath dresses.

Even if you are eager to impress your potential employer, it is essential that you do not over-impress. Let your credentials do the talking, not your outfit.

Don’t Wear A Too Revealing Dress

Yes, you come to the interview to impress and get that dream job of yours. But that does not mean that you wear tight, bold, and revealing clothes when face-to-face with your interviewer. Your clothing might distract your interviewer and miss what you have to say.

Do Show A Bit of Your Personality on Your Clothing

Wearing appropriately for a job interview doesn’t mean that you bury your personality beneath a formal and corporate outfit. It is essential that your dress speaks for you, and you can show off what you are by giving attention to details.

For example, you can opt for a thin brown leather belt, a printed scarf, or a colored handkerchief tied to your purse. You can wear something that brings out a little character and one that identifies you.

Don’t Get Yourself Overloaded with Accessories

Always remember when going to a job interview that you need to make yourself look professional. As such, avoid wearing dangling accessories because it can be a distraction during the interview.

For sure, you don’t want your interviewer to focus on your showy earrings getting tangled in your hair while answering questions. Thus, if you are going to wear accessories, wear them modestly.

Do Carry an Organized Purse

Purse and tote bags are the best to carry to a job interview because they have a simple design and enough space for your job interview essentials such as your resume, ballpen, and notepad.

Choose a purse or tote bag that has a neutral color like black, brown, or gray, and you need to organize the items the night before. As such, you will not scramble looking for your pen when you have to fill out a form, for example.

You can look for an elegant tote bags that are ideal to carry to a job interview in sites like French Connection.

Don’t Let a Wrinkled Dress Break Your Overall Outfit

It is crucial that you check and try on your outfit the night before and see whether your clothes are well-ironed to avoid discomfort on your appearance.

You don’t want your potential employer to think of you as an untidy kind of person when he sees your creased clothing. Also, make sure that the hem of your pants works well with the height and type of heels you will be wearing.

Do Wear the Perfect Shoes for Your Interview

Typically in job interviews, the accepted type of footwear are medium to low-heeled shoes such as a pair of black flats because it can make you more at ease and comfortable walking on it. Thus, you should invest in a pair of smart business shoes.

Make sure that the night before the interview you clean and shine your pair of shoes. Ragged and scruffy shoes will ruin your overall interview outfit. Also, as far as possible, avoid wearing high heels and brightly-colored shoes.

Don’t Wear Excessive Makeup

If you don’t want to look like a clown during your job interview, it is vital that you wear a simple makeup in natural tones. Exaggerated eyeshadow, bright-red lipstick, and heavy eyeliner make you appear unprofessional.

Wearing excessive makeup also runs the risk of flaking and melting depending on the weather. Not only that, but it also indicates that you are insecure about your appearance. Your makeup should bring out the beauty in you, not create a mask in your face.

Also make sure that your nails are well-manicured, clean, and only possess a neutral polish. Your hair should also be well-combed and styled.


Job interviews are the first process for you to get your dream job. You should keep in mind that you cannot be informal and unprofessional when face-to-face with the interviewer. You should wear clothes that are proper and appropriate for the occasion to make the right impression. Thus, it is essential that you know the dos and don’ts of job interview attire.