In the bid to look fashionable and in vogue, the last two years have seen women experiment radically with their look. From new ways of doing their hair, to new color schemes that they would have never considered before, ‘experimental’ has become trendy like never before.

This is great for fashion, as it has allowed a lot of women to find new looks for themselves on a regular basis without the fear of being judged and ridiculed for bold colors, cuts and outfits. It is also a boon for the fashion industry, which could have otherwise been strait-jacketed in extremely repetitive and cliched wardrobe aesthetics and choices.


On the other hand, the quest for originality as well as a look that flatters and really makes you ‘pop’ visually can also backfire. Not everybody can look like ‘Lady Gaga’ and get away with it. Therefore, it is essential that you figure out the mistakes you might be making with your wardrobe on a regular basis before other people start pointing them out and maybe even talking behind your back.

Here are are a few fashion mantras to hold you in good stead no matter what the season, wardrobe or occasion.

Too much color is always going to be a bad idea

There is no reason for you to wear a variety of colors on a single wardrobe. Even if the colors complement each other, you will still end up looking like a miniature rainbow, and will stand out – in a bad way.

Accessorize minimally

The rule for limiting the color palette of your wardrobe extends to your accessories as well as your wardrobe. This means that everything – your watch, necklace, other jewelry all should added carefully (and sparingly) to the overall look.

Further, even if you have chosen muted colors/metal looks for your accessories, you do not have to wear a lot of accessories. You do not need to wear multiple rings, bracelets and neckpieces on one wardrobe – you run the risk of looking like a fortune-teller gypsy instead of a fashionista.

Shop according to your wardrobe

There are a few essentials that every wardrobe should have. A few pairs of jeans in blue and black, a few mono-color shirts in ‘safe’ colors – blues, whites and blacks are some such essentials. After you have got these in place, you can go shopping a little more adventurously. Yet, it is important to buy things keeping in mind what you already have in your wardrobe. For example, when looking for a sweater, think of the shirts, tops or T shirts that you will pair your sweater with.

The same rule goes for accessories. When you are just starting out in your shopping journey, look for accessories that you will pair with your wardrobe.  For example, when looking for headwear, check out the range of Fascinators on Fascinators Australia via their official website Or, you can check out some fashion gloves on the  webpage.