Now that the weather is cooling off and the kids are back in school all day long, you need to think about new home security issues that may not have come to your attention in the summer. Your whole family will be away from the home more often and you need to make sure that everything inside your home is secure before you leave each day.

This may seem like the last thing on your list of things to do each day, but it is a priority to keep your home and family safe. It is crucial to make some space on your busy to do list to make sure that your home is safe each day before you leave it. Here are some home safety concerns to address before you leave the house.

Make sure that All your Appliances are Properly Functioning

We rely very heavily on the appliances that we use each day, but we often forget that they are not as reliable as we want them to be. Appliances can malfunction and cause big issues for your home if you don’t check them regularly. Make sure that you check each appliance regularly to test that they are all functioning properly and turn off or unplug appliances that you are not using. Never keep an appliance in use when you are not at home.

Turn Off everything that doesn’t need to be on

Continuing from the previous point, you should never have an appliance on or plugged in that you are not using. This not only prevents electrical fires, but it also helps to reduce your energy use. You should also turn off other electronics and energy burners like computers, TVs, gaming systems and even coffee pots when you leave your home. It is simplest to just unplug each item right away after you are done using it.

Keep your Home Functioning Efficiently

When you are gone you need to make sure that everything in your home is operating to the best of its ability. Check that all air vents are clear and make sure that your heating and cooling system is always working its best. If you still feel like your home is costing your too much money while you are away, you can use to get the best options for energy providers that will help your home cost you less every day.

Don’t Forget to Set your Home Security System

This is a big issue that many people have already experienced. It is not always common, but some intruders and burglars will watch you for weeks before they make their move on your home. They can notice the day that you forget to set your alarm and use it to their advantage. Find a way to help yourself remember each day to set your alarm. If you remember each day, the chances are better that your home will continually be safe whether you are there or away.