It is clear that athletes should know how to concentrate and they shouldn’t be easily distracted. It is important for athletes to control their attention skills. With selectivity, they could choose the most appropriate cues that they should attend to. Players should know how they should direct their attention. It is important to know that even a small thing can make a huge difference. Concentration is needed because athletes need to have a sustained focus on specific tasks. This will allow players to understand more about their situation that they may encounter in a game. For athletes, distraction is ever present, both in practice sessions and actual matches. There are also a few things that need to be focused on almost simultaneously.

In this case, players should know more about the shifting skill. It is important for players to understand how they can focus from one cue to another cue. They must learn to shift their focus, especially during team-based sports. The ball could move very quickly between members of the opposing team. Many players are too transfixed to one opposing player that they could become off-balance when the ball moves to another player. By having good attention skill, concentration and switching capability, it is possible for players to gain effortless performance. In this case, players can gain good performance even with minimal effort. It means that they are aware of things that they should do. Things could become so easy and effortless.

It is important for coaches to stop overanalyzing everything related to the game. They should restrain themselves from giving too many corrections and feedback during the game. If the player is proficient enough, he could be on an auto-pilot to find ways to tune themselves with the game and improve their overall performance. If coaches are able to train the players well, they could actually sit back and trust these players. The well-honed and well-practiced skills should make a big contribution in this situation. Coaches should allow players to have complete control and a feeling of self confidence about the game. In fact, when players are in perfect control, they could actually feel invincible. It is much better of players have total control over their own performance, instead of focusing too much on coaches, fans, parents, teammates and umpires.

It is important for players to stop focusing and blaming too much on extraneous factors, no matter how legitimate they are. It is not considered a good practice for players to continuously look for scapegoats each time things go wrong around them. By trusting themselves, players can instil self-confidence on themselves. Players should be aware that they are special and it is important to stay thinking that way. Negative remarks and comments can dent players’ confidence; so it is not a good idea for coaches to say unnecessary things. Professional athletes are adults and they should be given the trust to boost their overall confidence during the game. This is an essential things that we should try to achieve whenever possible.