In this contemporary era of highly advanced smartphones, there are some people who prefer to stick to their old dumbphones. At first, I intended to sell my phone and cling to a smartphone permanently. But interestingly, there are some valid reasons, which prove that a dumbphone can be better than a smartphone. These reasons include:

Long Battery Life

A dumbphone comes under use for very specific purposes like making a call, reading or writing a text, and using calculator and calendar. These operations require minimum battery charge and allow the cellphone to survive for even a week. On the other hand, smartphones are intensive in terms of battery conversion, to keep the processor running. Besides, their operating systems do extra work to run the processes at the back end, which are not usually visible. As a result, you end up recharging your battery multiple times a day.

How Can A Dumbphone Be Better Than A Smartphone

Simple in Use

A dumbphone is very simple to use as compared to a smartphone. Most of the old phones have a very brief menu providing easy access to each and every function of the mobile phone. On the contrary, smartphones are very complex and sometimes incomprehensible. You get dozens of notifications, updates and messages that you might not understand. In fact, there is much unnecessary stuff that keeps bothering you in a smartphone.

Safety and Security

It is a proven fact the dumbphones are very safe and secure in comparison to the smartphones. These are made with less sensitive and durable materials that prevent them from being easily damaged. No matter how roughly you use it, a dumbphone can live for a very long time. Quite the opposite, a smartphone uses very delicate components like HD capacitive touchscreen display, processor, RAM, HD camera and sensors. With all these parts, you always have to be extra cautious with your smartphone, and take care of it more than your own self.

Moreover, a dumbphone is securer than any smartphone. An advanced smartphone works just like a computer, and is equivalently vulnerable to security risks. It can easily be hacked through malwares and spywares, compromising your intimate data like photos, credit card number and back codes. Contrariwise, the old-styled phone can never be hacked.

Size and Keypad

The size of a dumbphone is very small compared to a smartphone. You can put it in your pocket and hold it easily while being on a call. On the other hand, smartphones are growing bigger and getting out of hand. In fact, you need to have a special full size pocket to keep them. Although large screens are more valuable and needed, at the same time, they are affecting the convenience of handheld devices. No doubt, the smartphones provide you with innovative ways of typing a message or dialing a number, the old keypad of a dumbphone has always been convenient and comfortable for many people.

This piece of content is not to deny the utility, effectiveness and efficiency of a smartphone, but to highlight the useful traits of a dumbphone.