The holidays are a special time for everyone. Most people get to spend time with family and friends that they do not get to see often and enjoy holiday parties together. The holidays can also be stressful for some people because of these things. Everyone wants to be in ten places at once so they can see everyone and most people feel stress to buy great gifts and host the best party.

These stresses can have a big impact on couples and their relationship. Many couples fight or feel distant from each other because of these issues. The holidays should be a time that brings couples closer together instead of pushing them apart. There are some ways for couples to make sure that they not only stay on good terms throughout the holiday season, but even grow closer as a couple. Here are some ways couples can grow closer during the holidays.

Listen to Each Other when Making Plans

Most couples will struggle with whose family and friends to spend their holidays with. Each person will want to be with their own family and friends, so fights can arise pretty quickly. Instead of bickering right away, couples should hear each other’s reason’s for their plans before making a decision.

How Couples Can Grow Closer During The Holidays

Try to Combine Traditions

Every family will have their own holiday traditions, and some traditions will not coincide with others. Couples who have this issue can try to make plans that involve both traditions. This combination can please everyone and make the holidays more fun for everyone.

Make Some New Traditions

Couples who struggle to combine their traditions, or just want to share something special together that they do not necessarily have to share with anyone else, can make some new holiday traditions together. This is a great way for couples to bond and establish their life together. This is also a great way for couples with children to create new memories together as a family.

Take a Romantic Getaway

Sometimes the best way to reconnect is to get away from it all. Couples who want to spend some extra time bonding during the holidays can get away together on a vacation. This can eliminate all the holiday plan debates and give couples a chance to relax and unwind with each other. This could be a new tradition that couples can share as well. Either way, every couple should take some time once a year to be with just each other, without distractions, to reestablish their bond.

Get Help if Needed

Sometimes, talking things out alone is not enough to help couples work through their underlying issues. Couples who are still struggling a lot can seek out an Orange County marriage counselor to help them get a better idea of what is going wrong in the relationship and what they can do to fix it. Couples counseling is a valuable tool that any couple can use to make sure their relationship is on the right track.