Without doubt, the electrical service upgrade in your residential property can be a laborious task and an expensive investment; however, the cost to upgrade is very pivotal to safeguard the value of your most treasured property. When it comes to electrical needs and issues, it is highly advised to only work with a licensed Victoria BC electrical contractor.

In reality, not having sufficient amount of power supply isn’t solely about experiencing inconvenience. The more serious issue to consider here is that the drop off in voltage might extremely impair sensitive electronics and other appliances at home or in the workplace. Needless to say, having adequate amount of power supply is quite important to electrical home safety. Apart from this, it may be necessary to have additional outlets in order to ward off counting on a coil of extension cords and power strips which are considered as potential hazards to you and to your loved ones.

How much is the real cost of upgrading electrical service?

60 amps is considered as the standard household power utilized; however, contemporary residential properties may require as much as 200 amps in order to adequately run high definition TVs, air-conditions, high-tech home automation devices, computer equipment and many other gadgets and electronics. It is worthy of note that the cost of upgrading your current electrical service panel to a one hundred by up to two hundred amp panel ranges from roughly eight hundred to three thousand dollars.

Meanwhile, in order to manage increased electrical loads, it is highly recommended to upgrade your electrical wiring particularly if your property is over forty years old. Keep in mind that electrical wiring upgrade is an arduous project so make sure that only credible, licensed, reliable and highly trusted electrical contractors like Jaycox Industries handle the job for you to guarantee safety and premium quality service.

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