Consumerism is alive and well in my country of Canada. In many ways we are following the footsteps of our neighbours to the south and buying items at an alarming rate. I remember back in October of 2012 going into a cell phone store a friend of mine owned. I saw the Samsung Galaxy S3 and wanted it real bad. My friend told me that I should wait as the network provider was going to be having a Black Friday sale for US thanksgiving. I said to him, “But we’re in Canada?”. He said it was all apart of a new marketing strategy.

This really caught me off guard. Had big companies in our country gotten so greedy they needed to create a shopping frenzy based on an American holiday? I guess so. None the less I went in and bought the phone for Black Friday or just a regular Friday in Canada. The deal was too sweet to turn down and I hate paying companies more than I have to see the sale appealed to me. That and I needed a new phone.

But this is the mentality that breeds consumerism and purchasing of items we don’t necessarily need. All we need to do is look around our homes to see how much stuff is useless and not needed on a regular basis. I have done this no thanks to moving 10 times in the last six years. I simply got tired of moving items that I no longer needed from one place to another. The best way for me to get rid of my items was to post them on a free classifieds Victoria website.

If you are like me and want to de-clutter your home, here are two options.

#1 – Move Items To Storage Facility

I don’t understand this option but it is an option. Why don’t I understand it? Because you are really not solving the problem is getting rid of your items you no longer need. You’re simply moving them from one location to another. This is no different than storing them in your garage that you don’t use. The problem is you are paying someone to store your items for you! Silly, isn’t it?

That’s why this next option is the best.

#2 Sell On A Local Classifieds Websites

This option is a much better solution for a few reasons. First off you get rid of those items for good. This is a true de-clutter. The next reason is you make money off those items, which you can save for something other than promoting more consumerism. Lastly, you give someone the opportunity to buy something they might not have been able to afford new.

If this appeals to you, create a date for a garage sale and promote it on a used items and for sale Victoria website.